How To Request an Azure Enclave Project Workspace Configuration

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This article documents the process for researchers to submit a ServiceNow Workspace Configuration Request for either a new Azure Enclave project workspace or update an existing Azure Enclave project workspace. Please note this is NOT the form to request access to a RISC data repository - details instead can be found here.

Once the request is submitted, the RISC Cloud Data Solutions team will reach out to you to discuss further.

Please do not submit a request a new Azure Enclave Project Workspace configuration request until you've discussed your research needs with the RISC Cloud Data Solutions team.


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  • For new and updates to an Azure Enclave project workspace, you received the URL for the ServiceNow RISC Workspace Configuration Questionnaire form from the Cloud Data Solutions team

Step 1: Provide Requestor Details

Click the URL link provided to you to access the ServiceNow RISC Workspace Configuration Questionnaire or for User Work Database/Datamart requests, click this form link. Review the first User Details section:

  • Requested For is prepopulated with your name
  • Review your manager details and update accordingly
  • Select your Employment Status. Your HIPAA training must be complete if POI
  • Select your Primary Affiliation

Step 2: Provide Request & Project Details

Within the Workgroup Project Details section:

1. Select the appropriate Azure Enclave Workspace Configuration Request Type for your needs:

  • New Workspace Configuration (Requires Funding): Select if requesting a new Azure Enclave Project Workspace to conduct your research.
  • Update Existing Workspace Configuration: Select if requesting a configuration update to your existing Azure Enclave Project Workspace.

2. Select checkbox Not Applicable for question Select User Work Database or Datamart Configuration Request Type.

3. If your project was created previously by a project team member, you can search and select it in the Project Name field. Otherwise, you will need to create a new project.

To search for your existing project:

a. Within the Project Details section of the form, click on the triangle next to the Project Name input box. You can also search for your Project by typing in a Project Detail (Project Name, Project ID, Project Lead, IRB Protocol ID, PI, or Project Status).

b. Scroll thru the dropdown to select the appropriate active project. Once selected, your request form will be populated with the project details. If you do not see your project listed, you will need to create a new project.

To create a new project:

a. Click Yes: I require a new Project checkbox to create a new project.

b. Select the appropriate response to Does your Project research require an IRB protocolIMPORTANT:  For projects requiring access to the Complete PDSR Curated Data Set, you must select NO. For project with access to all other data repositories, you must select YES.

c. Enter your Project Name and Project Description.

d. Search for/select the Project Lead Name by entering the First and Last name or preface with an asterisk (*). Examples: Joe Public, *Public. Please wait a second or two and select the listed name. IMPORTANT:  For projects requiring access to the Complete PDSR Curated Data Set, the Project Lead must be an RPDR Faculty Sponsor (i.e. RPDR Workgroup Leader). 

e. If your project requires an IRB Protocol, enter the approved active IRB Protocol Number. Please note: New projects without an IRB protocol will have a Project End Date set to one year from the date of project creation.

Step 3: Answer Questions & Submit

Your responses will define your Azure Enclave workspace configuration. For example, how much data will you be studying? How much compute do you require to analyze this data? The goal resulting from your responses is to configure an appropriate workspace for your project needs so please provide as much detail as possible.

Required questions are denoted by asterisks (*). Please respond to the best of your ability. 

To submit, click the Submit button on the right side of the questionnaire. If errors appear, resolve them, and continue to click Submit. Please allow 1-3 business days for the RISC Cloud Data Solutions team to respond.

If further assistance is needed, please open a Research Issue/Inquiry Request request.

Go to KB0039372 in the IS Service Desk

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