Computational Resources

ERIS provides a range of computational resources, platforms and scientific computing support for research and innovation at Mass General Brigham hospitals.  Our high-performance analysis servers, compute clusters and storage are relied upon daily for data processing and analysis by research groups across the organization.  Clinical computational workflows such as genome sequencing and radiation dosimetry are also supported. 

Service Model - What is the cost?

Shared resources are available to all users at no cost. This includes a basic storage quota, shared computational resources and assistance from the ERIS Support teams.  Additional storage and compute capacity can be acquired using research funds.

Selecting a Computational Resource

When choosing a computational resource from our list of services below, consider

  • Your preferred computing platform (Microsoft Windows, Linux or Hadoop)
  • What the software application requirements are - what platforms does the software run on?
  • If you will work interactively with applications and data, or submit many jobs together for batch-processing
  • How large is the data you will be working with, what are the storage requirements?
  • How much memory will the application require? 
ERISOne Linux Cluster

High Performance Computing System with a job scheduler for batch jobs, storage and remote desktops with GPUs for graphical applications

ERISXdl Linux GPU Platform

ERISXdl (ERIS Extreme Deep Learning) platform provides efficient, multi-GPU performance designed for Deep Learning applications

Analytics Enclave

A highly secure, privacy-aware, data ecosystem equipped with self-service AI, machine learning, and research data tools.

Windows Analysis Servers

Powerful servers with scientific applications installed and remote desktop capability, running on a Microsoft Windows OS

IDEA Data Analytics Platform

Analytics, machine learning and natural language processing across very large structured and unstructured datasets in a Hadoop environment