Service Catalog

In efforts to align our service offerings with Mass General Brigham IS Service Desk, we've created this Service Catalog. The service catalog is the central repository of resources and services that we provide. Some services and requests are integrated with the Mass General Brigham IS Service Desk and some are supported independently by Digital Research. Please use the "How to initiate" to request a service and the "Service Contacts" provided for inquiries. See the Service Overview Document for the latest version. 


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Service Contact

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Antivirus for Non Standard Computers Trendmicro antivirus software for non-standard devices. Service Desk Customers can install Trend Micro Security Software (antivirus, antimalware) by following the instruction for Mac or Windows
Crashplan Backup The Desktop Backup Service provides back up for work related data (system files excluded) on Macintosh, Windows or Linux desktop or laptop computers.  This system does not back up Partners "Standard" PC computers. Complete Subscription Request
Database/Structured-Data Service The Database and Structured Data service provides a variety of RDBMS and NoSQL platforms for both relational and non-relational data storage an analytics Complete Database Request
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Support EDC Support service helps coordinate, lead and support faculty and research study staff in their electronic data capture (EDC) and web-based survey needs for research studies.  EDC Support will help identify the optimal study tool given the investigator’s requirements and facilitate the training of personnel in its uses and functions. Available EDC Applications: StudyTRAX, REDCap, LabArchives Review Collect Data page for application details
Encryption for Non-Standard Windows Computers Encryption for Non-Standard Windows Computers Service Desk Open Service Desk request
Enterprise Collaboration Confluence is an Enterprise Wiki and Collaboration tool used by ERIS and Research for documentation, team calendaring and information dissemination Email Service Contact
Enterprise Project Management JIRA is an integrated tool for Project Management and Issue Tracking. It enables one to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity Email Service Contact
Freezer Inventory Systems (ERIS)

Freezerworks is a secure, electronic sample tracking system for labs and biorepositories. This software creates a flexible, user-driven freezer management system.

Note: No longer provisioning new labs on Freezerworks.

If your lab has a fairly simple data set and a small to moderate volume of data, you may want to consider the Inventory tool built into LabArchives. If you are currently tracking small data set for samples that's manageable in Excel, you may want to use the LabArchives Office integration to store backups/snapshots of your data, or for group editing. Some labs use Quartzy or LabVantage, but these are not vetted or supported by Digital Research. 

If you have a large lab with high throughput, please email for information about a solution geared toward large labs. Not available for new labs. Current users are not affected at this time and should continue to use the system with no change.   We are actively pursuing other systems with the goal of moving to a cloud-based, vendor supported, scalable, enterprise-oriented Lab Information Management System (LIMS) for our researchers. 
Help Desk Software & Knowledge Management Web-based Help Desk Software and Knowledge Management Tool Email Service Contact
High Performance Computing High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters represent a growing number of advanced computational resources (cluster nodes, storage/backup, large RAM machines, GP/GPU clusters)  provided to research through a hybrid service model.  Accounts and IT services (storage, backup, administration, and management) are provided by request. Complete Account Registration
Mailing List Service - Lyris ERIS offers a email list server solution List Manage for all groups at Partners Healthcare. Email Service Contact
Partners Enterprise Apple Support (PEAS) PEAS is the program of services that supports Apple products at Partners HealthCare. Service Desk Open Service Desk request for the PEAS ERIS - PHS queue
Research Computing Core (ERIS) The Research Computing Core offers fee-for-service dedicated services including consultation, custom systems programming and database development, and software licenses for the teaching hospitals of Partners HealthCare System. Email Service Contact
Secure File Transfer This is a Secure File Transfer & Collaboration solution for exchanging large files with collaborators both inside and outside of Partners via a web browser.  This service is a secure web based application with anti-virus detection and encryption built in. Complete Account Registration
Server Hosting Service The Server Hosting service provides customers a virtual-first hosting capability for OS, application and middleware components Complete Request Form
Storage Service The Storage service provides customers a selection of block and object data storage options for general purpose file storage needs Complete Subscription Request
Website Hosting Virtual website hosting services for the Partners Research Community Email Service Contact