Storage & Backup

ERIS provide a number of different storage and backup solutions for the Research communities at Partners.

Quick Compare

Service Ideal for... Connection Protocols Storage per share Snapshot Cost Pay-as-you-go
File Storage 
RFA large data sets with custom permissions SMB/CIFS NFS up to 30TB yes $ yes
SFA/DFA small/medium file-based data sets SMB/CIFS up to 20TB yes

$1.55 per GB

per 4 years


upfront payment

Archival Storage
MAD data written once, read seldom (archives and backups) SMB/CIFS SSH Rsync 1TB+ no $ yes
Cluster Attached
BriefCASE working with data on ERISOne Linux Cluster panFS SMB/CIFS 200GB+ yes $ yes
SuitCASE active-archive and backup of ERISOne cluster data     200GB+ no $ yes

$ Fees listed on the CORE page