Storage & Backup

ERIS has a wide variety of data storage solutions that can meet the needs of the research community across the Mass General Brigham (MGB) system. There are a number of options available, providing various levels of high performance, high density and high availability. ERIS will gladly assist you with finding the right solution to meet your price and usage requirements. 

All of the data storage solutions that ERIS provides are approved for internal data flows that have PHI, based on MGB InfoSecurity and data privacy guidelines and policies. If there are specific requirements built into an external DUA or contract, then additional consultation may be needed to determine the best solution.

HELP! What type of storage do I need?

Quick Comparison Chart

ERIS provide a number of different storage and backup solutions for the Research communities at Mass General Brigham

An additional Storage Solutions FAQ outlines various data scenarios that may also help you decide what storage solutions are right for you. 

Quick Compare

Service Ideal for... Features  Connection Protocols Cost
General Purpose
Research Interactive Storage (RIS) Large file-based datasets up to 64TB *
  • Single-copy
  • Nightly Snapshot
  • 90 days of snapshots
  • Shareable internally, nested permissions
  • Single Data Center Location
SMB/CIFS NFS $, pay-as-you-go
SFA Small to large file-based datasets including backup, if you need datacenter redundancy 
  • Single-copy
  • Monthly Snapshots
  • Backed up
  • Shareable internally
  • Network Shared replicated across datacenters

First 1TB is free,
$3,650 per TB / $3.65 per GB
 charge every 4 years

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CloudVault petabyte-scale, hybrid file-based storage with highly secure controls that satisfy contractual and US and EU government requirements for highly sensitive data
  • Cloud replication, backup
  • Data Encryption
  • Audit-log capability
  • Antivirus (AV) 
  • Shareable internally, nested permissions

$, pay-as-you-go

Dropbox Business at Partners HealthCare File storage for collaboration
  • Cloud replication, backup
  • Shareable across devices, internal and external collaborators
  • Versioning
web download, replicated to desktop folders

no charge

1TB limit

Syncplicity Replication and internal sharing of Desktop files and images suitalble for highly sensitive/secure data.
  • Cloud replication, backup
  • Shareable across devices, internal and external collaborators
  • Encrypted and Compliant with FISMA and FIPS standards
  • Versioning
web download, replicated across multiple desktop folders

annual subscription cost:$50/year 

Archival Storage


"Massive Array of Disk."  Archiving large files which are infrequently modified; scales to PB

  • replicated across datacenters 
  • high availability
  • snapshots
  • policy-based encryption and compression
SMB $, pay-as-you-go
Cloud Bucket     Archiving large files which are infrequently modified; scales to PB when the average file size is 128MB or larger
  • replicated across datacenters
  • Encryption at rest: AES 256bit (optional) 

  • Encryption in transit: HTTPS/SSL


Application-Based Storage
Cloud Bucket     Web applications requiring object-storage
  • replicated across datacenters
  • Encryption at rest: AES 256bit (optional) 

  • Encryption in transit: HTTPS/SSL


Cluster Attached Storage
BriefCASE High Performance Storage dedicated to the ERISOne Linux Cluster with data sets 200GB+ and average file size > 4MB
  • single-copy
  • snapshot

$, pay-as-you-go or capital purchase

*Larger volumes may be available on RFA, depending on the use case. Contact to inquire.

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At this time, these services have limited availability for proof-of-concept, pilot use cases. Please email if you are interested in participating in the pilot.

$ Fees listed on the CORE page

General Purpose

Network file shares for access from the Mass General Brigham network

Archival Storage

Online backup and long-term archive for large data sets

Application-Based Storage

A petabyte-scale, object-based storage solution with geo-replicated capabilities

Cloud Bucket

Cloud Bucket is ideal for web applications requiring object-storage or for archiving large files which are infrequently modified. 

This petabyte-scale, object-based storage solution has multi-site replication capabilities built in and is accessible via Amazon S3 compatible tools and APIs. Multi-site replication allows for loss of an entire site while protecting your data in two different datacenters more than 50 miles apart.

Cluster Attached Storage

Two file-based storage options are available for data that is analyzed using ERISOne Linux Cluster or Windows Analysis Servers

Desktop Backup

Desktop/Laptop CrashPlan Backup

Workstation Backup

Workstation CrashPlan Backup

Partners TSM Backup

Server Backup Solution

MGB's Technical Services and Operations (TSO) offers a robust, multi-site server backup solution available for Research servers called Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).  TSM saves a configurable amount of active, inactive and deleted file versions, collocated to an alternate datacenter for disaster recovery capabilities. Additional options are available to snapshot an entire server into an archive, and the tapes containing that archive can be shipped off-site to a secure vaulted site for multi-year data retention.  Data retention options are listed on the request form.

Supported Servers:

  • Windows 2008R2, 2012 and 2016
  • Redhat/CentOS Linux


  • Free

How to request the service?

  1. Call the MGB Service Desk at 617-726-5085 and open a request with the TSM team.
  2. Download and complete this form. (Internal Sharepoint site,  MGB Username and password required)
  3. Send the completed form to the email address located at the top of the form.