Technical Details

MAD3 is a storage solution built using Dell-EMS Isilon. The service is intended to provide secure access to large amounts of affordable archival storage for infrequently accessed data. Some of the key points of the solution are listed below:

Access protocol

  • Data can be accessed via SMB.  
  • Integration with PHS AD and LDAP security ( authentication mechanisms may depend on the protocol ) 


The storage systems are fault tolerant but do not include a disaster recovery solution.

Files on isilon are protected by RAID redundancy. 


MAD3 stores a single copy of your data, there is no off-site backup and no snapshot backups included in the service.

Fault Tolerance

The platform is fault-tolerant at different levels and the service will remain available in the following scenarios. 

Drive Failure:  The solution implements a RAID setup, which provides automatic protection against data loss from a drive failure. 


Typical performance for clients connecting to gigabit network links has been between 25 and 90 MB/s (megabytes per second). This is typically limited by client system performance and file size: larger files transfer faster than a large number of smaller files.