Research Computing Core

The Research Core team provides consulting and technology services to researchers and their project teams at competitive hourly rates. The Core collaborates with users on finding efficient solutions using technology for the unique needs of research environments.

Research Computing Core: Software Interest Survey

Would you be interested in purchasing BiorenderSnapGene or jmp   software if offered at a discounted rate? Is there other research software that you would be interested in obtaining at a discounted rate? Please take a brief survey to help us understand the interest and volume of licenses needed across Mass General Brigham affiliates for 2021.

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Red Blood Cell Distribution Width and Mortality Risk: SARS-CoV-2 Infection

This paper investigates whether an association between mortality risk and elevated RDW at hospital admission and during hospitalization exists in patients with COVID-19.

A preliminary cohort for this study was constructed from COVID-19 positive patients cross-referenced with blood sample instrument files harvested continuously throughout the Boston spring surge with code authored by a software engineer consultant from our Research Computing Core, stored in ERIS’s Research File Area (RFA), and indexed in a MySQL database hosted by ERIS.

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