How to access Biobank data from Scientific Computing Linux Clusters

Access to the Biobank data can be done either from HPCWIN3 Windows Analysis Server or the Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters. This guide provides instructions on how to connect and access the data from Scientific Computing (SciC) Linux Clusters, which requires prior experience with the Linux operating system. If instead you want to access from a Microsoft Windows computer, see the instructions for HPCWIN3/HPCWIN4 here.

  1. Create an SciC Linux Clusters account. If you don't have an SciC Linux Clusters account the first step is to request one via the SciC Linux Clusters Cluster Account Request Form. This process could take up to 24 hours. 
  2. Connect to SciC Linux Clusters.  Detailed instructions on how to connect to SciC Linux Clusters can be found here. You can either use the SSH command line interface or connect to one of the Remote Desktops.
  3. Find the files. The data files will be located in /pub/home/biobank/PARTNERS_ID.
  4. Copy the data. Copy your Biobank data files to your own folder at /PHShome/PARTNERS_ID on SciC Linux Clusters (the Biobank network share will be removed after 45 days).
  5. Analyze data. You should be able to process the Biobank data on SciC Linux Clusters, there are several packages installed. To have a look to some of the software available take a look to the Analyze Data section.
  6. Request new applications. If you need to request new applications to be installed on SciC Linux Clusters, complete the application request form.

If you need help with this process open a Service Desk ticket online or email us at

Go to KB0028036 in the IS Service Desk

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