Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform

ERIS works on several projects to bring multiple types of healthcare data into secure environments and platforms for research and analysis. Learn more about these projects.


Eloy Toscano, Director – Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform Infrastructure



Alexsey Sapozhnikov,  Systems Engineer I



Anudeep Reddy Donthiri,  Hadoop Administrator



Christine Wasunna,  Data Enclave Integration Specialist



Herbert Lin,  Sr. System Architect & Big Data Solutions SME



Rodrigo Dominguez, Infrastructure Engineer

Rodrigo provides infrastructure support for the Enterprise Data Analytics Platform as well as the day-to-day operation of the ERISOne Linux Cluster involving hardware, networking, system configuration and storage. Rod brings 16+ years of professional experience in the IT industry. Throughout his career he has worked for large Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups thus obtaining valuable knowledge on a wide range of setups and environments across a wide spectrum of relevant technologies; configuration methods, deployments and implementations. He hold an A.A Degree in Computer Information Systems from North Shore Community College and has obtained various certifications throughout the years.


Vinh Nguyen,  Sr. System Engineer & VDI SME