Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform

ERIS works on several projects to bring multiple types of healthcare data into secure environments and platforms for research and analysis. Learn more about these projects.




Eloy Toscano, Director – Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform Infrastructure





Bruce R. Friedman, Senior Infrastructure Architect

Bruce hails from Denver, Colorado. He collaborates with stakeholders to create requirements, designing solutions per and to requirements, implementing approved designs, operationalizing implementations, and providing top-level support. Bruce has worked in Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering for almost 25 years in multiple verticals like finance, health care, manufacturing and Federal and State Government. When not in the office, Bruce likes to spend time outside and to travel. Fun fact: Bruce has nine children.




Manohar Ghanta, Software Engineer





Rajesh Kumar, Hadoop Engineer





Rodrigo Dominguez, Infrastructure Engineer

Rodrigo provides infrastructure support for the Enterprise Data Analytics Platform as well as the day-to-day operation of the ERISOne Linux Cluster involving hardware, networking, system configuration and storage. Rod brings 16+ years of professional experience in the IT industry. Throughout his career he has worked for large Fortune 500 companies and small start-ups thus obtaining valuable knowledge on a wide range of setups and environments across a wide spectrum of relevant technologies; configuration methods, deployments and implementations. He hold an A.A Degree in Computer Information Systems from North Shore Community College and has obtained various certifications throughout the years.




Sarah Cohen, Senior Program Manager





Sergios Bastos, Data Science Application Engineer

Originally from Brazil, Sergio received his BS from UNICAMP. Sergio brings vast experience in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Enterprise Data and Analytics Platform and is working to make sure the platform meets the data science needs of our customers. In his formative years, Sergio worked in a Research lab as a Biostatistician supporting analysis of multi-center clinical trials and electronic medical records automation. In his most recent role at State Farm Insurance, Sergio was responsible for end-to-end recommendation engine and cloud MLops pipelines to leverage Amazon Web Service (AWS) autoscale capacity. Prior to that, Sergio worked at Boston Scientific in knowledge management and text mining to help monetize and manage their IP and research discovery process. Sergio also worked at the SAS Institute for eight years as Text-image Miner product manager building new features and new methods for Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature detection. Sergio helped create the Machine Learning (ML) start-up center of excellence where he supported the uses of ML-AI process to dozens of start-ups. In his free time, Sergio will be biking or sailing around the Boston bay with his friends and family.




Valdery Moura Junior, MS, MBA, PgMP, PMP, Program Manager, IoMT Analytics Ecosystem

Junior, originally from Brazil, studied at Universidade Catolica de Brasilia (UCB), where he earned his BS and MS in computer science, and he then attended Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), where he earned his MBA in IS strategic management. Junior originally started at Partners in August of 2013. He was transferred to ERIS in May of 2019 from MGH/Neurology, where he worked as a Project Manager and Software Engineer developing projects that use new computational techniques that are employed to acquire, convert, analyze, and store large amounts of neurophysiological data and medical records for the MGH-Harvard Clinical Data Animation Center. His current position involves leading a multi-disciplinary team that architects designs and develops the research repository for time series data collected from bedside medical devices across the Partners hospital sites. This data lake will be ready-made for analytics with a Hadoop based ecosystem. In his free time, Junior enjoys playing with his kids, listening to music, and watching movies, and he is currently pursuing his PhD in Management at Cass Business School at the University of London. His research is focused on Data-driven Healthcare Management and Decision Making.




Vandana Patnaik, Sr. Manager, Platform Infrastructure

Technical lead for EDDH-research projects