Mailing List System FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What product do you use for this service?
A. Aurea ListManager

Q. What web browser are supported?
A. Windows: Internet Explorer 11 or higher,  Firefox 25 or higher, Chrome 31 or higher;
     Mac: Firefox 25 or higher, Chrome 31 or higher, and Safari 5.1 or higher

Q. Can I use the Web Admin interface from outside the firewall?
A. Yes.

Q. Can people with non-PHS email addresses belong to a list?
A. Yes, any valid email address may be used (, gmail, yahoo etc).

Q. Will you help import our email list?
A. Yes.

Q. Will Research Computing build custom templates for me?
A. No, you need to build email templates or hire a web designer.  The templates use standard HTML.

Q. Will you help create subscribe and unsubscribe forms?
A. Yes, we can provide simple custom subscribe and unsubscribe forms.

Q. Is there a online manual available with details how to use Aurea List Manager?
A. Yes, you can access the online manual at:

Q. What type of information can be shared using the Lyris List Manager?
A. All Partners policies regarding use of email apply to email sent and received via the Lyris system. Partners Email Security policy can be found on Archer (you must be on VPN to access these links): 

Discussion Groups FAQ

Q. Is it possible to create a contact in the Partners Outlook Global Address list?
A. No; one suggestion is to recommend list members add the address to their Contacts individually.


Q. Can people with non-PHS email addresses participate in a Discussion List?
A. Yes, any valid email address may be used (, gmail, yahoo etc).

Q. Can posts be rejected from non-members?
A. Yes, settings can be set so that only members are allowed to contribute to a list. 


Q. Can the messages be moderated?
A. Yes, you can choose, one, many or no moderators (depending on the control that you need).

Discussion Forum Interface: A web forum portal/archive of all of the messages is automatically created for each Discussion list.

Q. Who can access the Discussion Forum Web-Interface for a Discussion list?
A. There are two security setting options:

  1. The web forum can be accessed by anyone who knows the URL.
  2. The web forum can only be accessed by members of the list.