Welcome to the Mass General Brigham (MGB) R User Group

R is a free and open programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. Along with this powerful software, comes a dynamic and vast community. TheMGB R User Group seeks to bring this community together to share ideas, discuss R related topics, and provide direction for new and experienced users.

How to use R at MGB

There are several different ways to use R at MGB


MGB R User Group Meeting

MGB R User Group Meetings are held two- or three-times a year to gather all MGB R users - research scientists, clinicians and administrators. In the meeting, the topics about training, R-related infrastructure (Rstudio server/Shiny server) and  the policies in MGB R settings are presented and discussed. Also, there are "show-and-tell" speakers to share their R projects.

(This is an informal event for employees who work within the MGB network.)

R Training

ERIS Scientific Computing offers R training sessions. Please, check out the Events Calendar for current offerings and to register.

  • R-intro training

R-intro training is a one-day training course targeting research scientists who have no or little knowledge of R (if you have used R before, please do not sign up for this session). This hands-on training will provide many examples and exercises. Below are the topics that we will study. 

  • What is R? Why R?
  • What to use?
    • R console, Rstudio and MGB Rstudio
  • How to read and write in R
  • Simple computation
  • Data manipulation
    • Index
    • Sort / Order
    • Filter
    • Merge / Join
    • Aggregation
  • Plots
    • Basic R plots
  • How to install packages


To facilitate an informal discussion between the members, we have created an e-mail discussion list where you can sign up here: 

Mass General Brigham R User Group discussion List