September 11, 2017
Would you be interested in purchasing EndNote Software if offered at a discounted rate? Please take a brief survey to help us understand the volume of licenses needed in hopes to better secure a discounted rate for researchers across Partners HealthCare affiliates. EndNote is the industry standard...Read more »
September 8, 2017
Jeanhee Chung, MD, and web developer Stephen Lorenz from the MGH Lab of Computer Science will discuss and demonstrate the clinical trials portal: . Alexander Turchin, MD and Shervin Malmasi, Ph.D from the BWH Department of Medicine will discuss and demonstrate...Read more »
September 6, 2017
ERIS Scientific Computing wants to hear what customers view are the most important applications in use on the ERISOne Linux Cluster today and what should be added in the future. Please complete a brief survey . Notes: Requests for new applications for ERISOne can be made anytime by completing this...Read more »
August 11, 2017
The Partners eCare Research Core (PeRC) is a core service offered by Partners eCare to the Partners research community. It leverages the Epic EHR to assist researchers in identifying and recruiting patients for their research studies conducted at Partners HealthCare. Services that PeRC offers...Read more »
July 13, 2017
The Partners Biobank is pleased to announce a new release of the Biobank Portal. The Portal now offers researchers the ability to search for genomic variations for 10,000 genotyped subjects , in combination with the health care, patient survey and phenotype data already existing for these subjects...Read more »
July 10, 2017
The Scientific Computing team is now offering Intro and Intermediate courses to familiarize researchers with both the Linux OS and how to incorporate this knowledge to utilize the ERISOne Linux Cluster . ERISOne is a computing cluster used for data processing and analysis available as a shared...Read more »
June 29, 2017
Network Access Control (NAC) update by Mike Healy, Senior Project Specialist, Information Security: The NAC agent has been deployed to 50,000 managed devices Agent deployment extends to PEAS (Macs) in mid-July The agent is available from PEAS Self Service The agent will not be deployed to servers...Read more »
June 21, 2017
Allan Harris, ERIS Cloud Architect and ERIS IaaS team members will discuss available storage options and provide guidance on how to choose based on need. Dan Fitzpatrick, PHS Information Security Architect will present on the PHS Identity Management project. Thursday, June 29, 2017 from Noon - 2p.m...Read more »
June 15, 2017
Standard Services Offered Researchers may use built-in standard Epic research tools to, for example, enroll subjects, associate visits to studies, place research orders, route research billing, receive notifications about subjects, and run basic reports (For more info, go to: more »
June 6, 2017
Introducing NEW RPDR Notes Search Functionality The RPDR is excited to announce improvements and updates to our clinical Notes Search functionality! This functionality allows researchers to query clinical notes for specific text terms and phrases in order to identify patient cohorts who have notes/...Read more »