July 1, 2020
The COVID-19 data mart and Summary Table will continue to be updated with new patient data but not new patients as of July 1, 2020. Scheduled releases will continue to occur each Wednesday with data as current as of the previous Sunday. The current COVID-19 data mart contains a substantial...Read more »
June 25, 2020
Updates to ERIS Customer Service Ticketing Workflows Starting July 1, 2020, you’ll notice a different auto-reply when emailing for support. The full text of your email inquiry will be provided back to you in the Description section of the auto-generated email. An IS Service Desk...Read more »
June 9, 2020
The COVID-19 EPIC Infection Control Flags along with COVID-19 laboratory tests can help Identify COVID-19 patient cohorts. For more information, go to more »
May 28, 2020
COVID-19 Beta Enclave The Beta Enclave is in full production with 32 Projects established inside the Enclave offering access to the Covid Mart data from RPDR and EDW along with a suite of most commonly requested Analytic Tools including RStudio, Jupyter, Spark and Git. Email questions and requests...Read more »
May 22, 2020
Join this month for special features: ​​"An overview of the Mass General Brigham System strategy: adjustments being made for the post-pandemic world, and our implementation plans" presented by Jeff Weiss, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at Partners HealthCare “Research in the time of...Read more »
April 30, 2020
Change: Home drive (H:\) transition from CIFS2 to CIFSHD Effective 05/17/20 home drives (H:\) will migrate from namespace CIFS to namespace CIFSHD. Anyone accessing home drives (H:\) on a Mac, nonstandard PC or personal device, will need to update their mapping manually. A brief outage will occur...Read more »
April 17, 2020
In response to the fast-growing number of COVID-19 research projects, new and enhanced research data tools and data sets are being made available to support these endeavors. The goal is to support the rapid turnover of analytics to help researchers understand the signs and symptoms, comorbidities,...Read more »
March 31, 2020
ERIS Newsletter: Navigating IT Solutions for Research Workflows This newsletter explores ways to match the right RISC/ERIS system, application, tool or resource to your research workflow and innovation needs. Whether looking to identify subjects, collect, manage or analyze data, learn how...Read more »
March 6, 2020
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) data has been integrated into the RPDR. To date, there are over 160,000 patients with nearly 5M encounters from 2015 - present and 44M data points including Epic diagnoses, medication orders, immunizations, social history, vital signs, problems, reason for visit...Read more »
February 27, 2020
We received a large response to this survey! The ERIS Research Computing Core is working with FlowJo and assessing pricing options. Once available to purchase, FlowJo information will be broadcast and posted to the Software section of this website. Response by Institution Interest if FlowJo is...Read more »