Phenotype Discovery Center

The Partners Phenotype Discovery Center (PDC) is developing computational methods and platforms to help harness the power of big data in the field of medical research across all Partners HealthCare institutions.  By creating statistically valid phenotypes (disease definition) for different clinical conditions using electronic medical record data, the PDC will effectively have a library of disease definitions that can be used collaboratively by researchers. The PDC will be creating research data marts that amass study-specific phenotype and other electronic data on sets of patients.

One example of such a research data mart is the Partners Biobank PortalThe Biobank Portal is a web client application that links consented subjects from the Partners Biobank with their healthcare data from the electronic medical record (EMR) and allows researchers to request clinical samples for these subjects. Users must have a valid Partners logon and be a registered Research Patient Data Registry (RPDR) user to use the Portal.