Discovery Stories

Your one stop shop for Epic Help and Information Systems (IS) project information at BWH.
Stencil is a platform that leverages the power of REDCap to enable remote data collection, using a secure smartphone app.
Since REDCap’s first pilot project at Partners HealthCare in 2009, the program has now over 11,000 projects and steadily growing.
MGH Introduces Newly Redesigned, Expanded Intranet
Read how Partners will combine RPDR data with images, pathology systems & public data sources to speed discovery to improve patient care.
Heavy use of the ERISOne cluster was instrumental for computational biologist, Li Li, PhD, to publish in JACS, a premiere chemistry journal.
Big Data Commons to bring disparate datasources together and put them on a common platform so they can be shared among researchers.
Web-based services are now finding hospital-based and even industrywide applications.
Partners IS is expanding its scope to better manage and support the choose-your-own and bring-your-own device options.
Partners HealthCare and EMC Unite to Solve Health Care's Toughest Challenges Using Big Data