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In preparation for working remotely or from home, there are several resources to guide you:

A Guide to Digital Resources:

  • Many applications are available that do not require you to install VPN and GoToMyPC.  This guide provides helpful information for accessing MGB network resources when not connected to the MGB network. 
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Gain Remote Access and Collaboration Tools
  • INFO: Remote Work Setup Resources : Many links within this article go to internal pages in the IS Service Desk Knowledge Base * (Login with MGB username and password required + Secure Log in)
  • Web, Audio & Video Conferencing on this website.

Read Additional system-wide changes made to broaden timely access to these resources​ (Login with MGB username and password required.)

Check back for updates. Contact your Digital Service Desk for assistance.


Accessing to the MGB Network Remotely

There is access to the MGB Network via VPN available for the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems for MGB and affiliate employees.

Temporarily, manager approval and this formal request process is not required for new employees.

As of 3/16/2020, existing employees were automatically granted VPN access. 

To request access follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Partners Service Desk website to request access
  2. Login with your Partners username and password
  3. Next click "Make a Request" button located on the right side of the screen
  4. On the next screen click "VPN Request" and complete the request form

VPN Client Access Website:


Remote Secure Shell Access


Remote access to your MGB PC or Macintosh

GoToMyPC allows you to access your desktop computer (Mac or PC) from any Web browser in real time:

  • The software is licensed per machine/per year at $84, not per user.
  • Please purchase a license for every machine that you will be connecting to.
  • This is a yearly license and must be renewed every year. You will receive notification prior to the expiration date.
  • For more information please go to the Partners IS Service Desk Knowledge Base.

To order a license:

All MGB and non-MGB laptop computers connecting to the MGB network through OWA, VPN, GoToMyPC, or by other channels must be encrypted. Instructions can be found at:

Accessing Applications

Accessing MGB Applications from a Mac, Windows and Mobile


Remote Access to Servers

Remote Access for Non-Partners Research Collaborators and Vendors:

If you are a researcher who is collaborating with a user(s) outside the Partners Network, or working with a vendor and they need access to internal Partners system, they will need to use the new Enterprise-wide remote access solution called SecureLink .  Read about SecureLink.  Request an access via SecureLink.