Partners Personalized Medicine

Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine (PPM) translates and integrates the science of genetics and genomics into medical practice. Its focus is on constantly increasing the benefit genetics provides for patients facing life threatening and debilitating disease.  This requires scalable information technology that spans research and clinical domains and connects laboratories to clinicians.  Partners Personalized Medicine works closely with Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services (ERIS) to design and maintain the infrastructure that supports the field’s rapid evolution.

The Partners HealthCare Biobank is a large research program designed to help researchers understand how people’s health is affected by their genes, lifestyle and environment. The Biobank is a large sample and data repository available to Partners investigators. The Partners Biobank has developed enterprise-wide systems to enable the collection, storage and distribution of samples and data at Partners HealthCare.

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By participating in the Partners Biobank, you can help us better understand, treat, and even prevent the diseases that might affect your health and the health of future generations.