Secure Your Mac

Secure Your Mac

Any Apple product used for business purposes must be configured to comply with Partners HealthCare policies. This includes institutionally purchased Apple products, as well as any personally owned Apple products used for business purposes. All Partners policies can be viewed on Policy Central, and policies that require you to make a configuration change on your Apple desktop or laptop include:

IT Asset Management Standards for Apple Macintosh Products

The IT Asset Management Standards for Apple Macintosh Products Policy requires that Apple laptops & desktops are required to be enrolled in the Partners Enterprise Apple Support (PEAS) program. All Macs enrolled in PEAS are required to enable FileVault2 for encryption. For more details on how to enroll, view our Enroll Your Mac page.

  • All institutionally-purchased or owned Apple Macintosh devices must be enrolled in PEAS
  • PEAS is available for personally owned Apple Macintosh devices
  • Any Apple Macintosh device used as their primary work device to conduct Partners HealthCare business must be enrolled in PEAS

IT Access Control Security Policy

The IT Access Control Security Policy covers a number of controls that must be in place on your Mac. Please review this policy and specifically note that Apple computers:

  • Must automatically invoke a screen saver or other compensating controls to prevent unauthorized access
  • Must be logged off or protected with a screen locking mechanism when not in use

IT Access Control Standards for Users

The IT Access Control Standards for Users Policy also covers a number of controls that must be configured on your Mac as well as other devices. Please note your local Mac accounts are subject to the password standards which include:

  • Required minimum length of 8 characters
  • Passwords must be alphanumeric, containing at least one of each
  • Cannot reuse 4 previous passwords
  • Default vendor passwords must be changed before migrating into a production environment
  • Passwords must be changed immediately if either the password or the system is or may be compromised

IT Acquisition, SDLC and Maintenance Policy

Apple computers are required to be kept up to date on software updates to decrease the risk of a remote exploit. View more details on our Update Your Mac page.