Get Software

This is a reference guide for obtaining commercial software for use at work at Partners HealthCare. Did you know there are many additional applications and software programs offered for free? Please visit the A-Z Apps section of the website for a list of programs available both for free and for charge.

ERIS Open House

Learn about the breadth of technology services & support for research. Wednesday, March 25 from 10am-4pm Assembly Room A&B

SecureConnector Installation

What can I do to prepare?

Beginning November 10, 2016, before you travel to Assembly Row, check to see if you have SecureConnector installed on your computer. Open your Start Menu or Applications folder and search for ForeScout SecureConnector.

If you do not find it in your list, you can install using the links on the SecureConnector Installation Self Service page.

If you are enrolled in PEAS, simply open Self Service and install ForeScout SecureConnector.