Digital Research Applications Support helps coordinate, lead and support faculty and research study staff in their electronic data capture (EDC), web-based survey and application needs for research studies. Digital Applications Support (formally EDC Support) will help identify the optimal study tool given the investigator’s requirements and facilitate the training of personnel in its uses and functions.


A web-based software application for electronic collection and management of research and clinical study data.

LabArchives Electronic Research Notebook

LabArchives is designed for organizing, documenting, and sharing research data with teams, departments, and collaborators.


An integrated survey and study management system specifically designed to meet the needs of the academic community.

IMPORTANT: Research Information Science and Computing (RISC) and the Research Computing Core, will not be accepting or onboarding new labs/requests for Freezerworks in FY23.  Current users are not affected at this time and should continue to use the system with no change.   We are actively pursuing other systems with the goal of moving to a cloud-based, vendor supported, scalable, enterprise-oriented Lab Information Management System (LIMS) for our researchers. 

If your lab has a fairly simple data set and a small to moderate volume of data, you may want to consider the Inventory tool built into LabArchives. If you are currently tracking small data set for samples that's manageable in Excel, you may want to use the LabArchives Office integration to store backups/snapshots of your data, or for group editing.

If you need something different:

  • Please send a note to @email

FreezerWorks How To Videos:

Zebra Label Printer Setup:

These instructions are for each computer from which you'll be printing.

Important: Zebra Setup Utilities can interfere with printing. It's not useful for configuring Zebra printers for use with Freezerworks, and may cause printing issues. If it's installed, please uninstall before doing the following.

Important: Use Zebra printer driver version 8. Other versions are not recommended. If you have a different driver, uninstall it and download & install version 8 from Zebra.

Windows Computers:

  1. Open Settings >> Printers and Scanners
  2. Open your ZDesigner printer
    1. Uncheck Let Windows manage my default printer
    2. Click Manage
    3. Choose Printer properties
    4. Click Advanced
      1. Check the "Print directly to printer" checkbox.
      2. Choose 300 DPI ZPL.
      3. Click Apply.
  3. Close the dialogs, and print a test page. (See below.)
  4. If the text is too light:
    1. Open Windows printers and scanners >> Printer Properties.
    2. Click the preferences near the bottom of the dialog.
    3. Choose Print options.
      1. Set darkness to 30 (default is 15).
      2. Slow down the speed of printing (default is 8, try 4).
      3. Click Apply.
  5. Close the dialogs, and print a test page. (See below.)

Print a test page:

Open Freezerworks

  1. From the Configuration menu, choose Data entry display
  2. Choose labels
  3. Click on a label (you need to have already created a label)
  4. Click Print preview
  5. Click printers,
  6. Select ZD620 ... (your printer's name)
  7. Check Show printer settings
  8. Print test label

Note: If you're using Freezerbond labels, and the test page prints upside down and backwards, you may need to switch the version of Freezerbond label you have selected. There are two versions: 1 inch core and 3 inch core. They are mirror images of one another. Switch to the one you don't have selected.

For example, if you have 1 inch core selected, and your label is printing upside down and backwards, switch to 3 inch core and vice versa.