HOWTO: Connect to the Azure Enclave using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) | Windows OS

This document describes (1) How to open Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) (2) Connecting to the Azure Enclave (3) Create a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut (4) Accessing Shared Workspace (F Drive)


  • Access to your Project Workspace in the Azure Enclave has been provisioned. 
  • You received a unique Azure Enclave Project Workspace IP Address to connect to your Project Workspace using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC).
  • You must access your Azure Enclave project workspace either on an approved computer within the Mass General Brigham (MGB) network or via MGB VPN.

How to open Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

Navigate to the Start menu on your Windows PC, search for Remote Desktop Connection and select it from results to open the client.

Connecting to Azure Enclave

  1. When the RDC application opens, you will be prompted to connect to the project workspace. The following entry should be used:

    • For Computer, type the full unique Project Workspace IP Address provided to you once your ServiceNow project workspace access request was provisioned.
    • Then click on the Connect button

  1. RDC subsequently asks for your user credentials to use to sign in to your project workspace.

    1. If the user account selected by default is your MGB user ID prefaced by PARTNERS\ > Enter your password > and press OK.

    2. If your MGB user ID is not prefaced by PARTNERS\, then sign in using another account. Click More Choices > Choose Use Another Account > Select your PARTNERS domain account > Enter your credentials > and press OK.
  2. After you press OK, RDS will connect to your project workspace in the Azure Enclave. You may see a warning about connecting – it is safe to click YES and continue.
  3. After connecting*, you should see your Azure Enclave project workspace open in a separate window.

    • *If this is the first time connecting to your workspace, please allow for some initial extra workspace configuration time to finalize setup.

Create a Remote Desktop Connection shortcut

  1. After successfully connecting using the RDC application, click the Show Options button.
  2. Click the Save As button.
  3. Choose a location where you want to save the shortcut.
  4. Enter a name and click the Save button.

Accessing Shared Workspace (F Drive)

Within your Project Workspace, open file explorer and select This PC icon. The Data (F): drive is the shared project workspace location. Currently all project workspace members are granted full permissions to this drive.


For further assistance, email the Azure Enclave Team at @email and include your unique Project Workspace IP Address.

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