Connect to the Complete PDSR Curated Data Set Using Azure Data Studio in the Enclave Linux VDI

Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform database tool for data professionals who use on-premises and cloud data platforms on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Azure Data Studio offers a modern editor experience with IntelliSense, code snippets, source control integration, and an integrated terminal. It's engineered with the data platform user in mind, with the built-in charting of query result sets and customizable dashboards. Use Azure Data Studio to query, design, and manage your databases and data warehouses wherever they are, on your local computer or in the cloud.
Requirements folder:
  1. Access to Enclave Platform should already be granted and your workspace provisioned. If you do not have access to the Enclave Platform, please complete and submit the Access Request Form.
  2. You should be logged on to your Enclave Linux VDI . You cannot access the Enclave resources from outside the environment.

Steps to connect:

Step 1 Run Azure Data Studio

  1. To start Azure Data Studio run Bash command azuredatastudio or click on the Azure Data Studio Icon. 

Step 2. Click on "Create a Connection" Dialog

  1. Click on "Create a Connection" Dialog to connect to a database.

2. Then you will see a Connection Dialog pop up for you to enter the connection details.

Step 3. Database Connections to Examples using Azure Data Studio
Complete PDSR Curated Data Set - Monthly update
You can use Azure Data Studio and configure the connection settings as below to connect to PDSR Database in Azure.
Connection Details
Connection Type: Microsoft SQL Server
Authentication Type: Azure Active Directory - Universal MFA Support
Account: <Enter Your MGB-Affiliated Email Address> For example:,,,,, etc.
Database: PDSR_Monthly
Encrypt: True
Trust server certificate: True
Server Group: <default>
Name (Optional): Complete PDSR Curated Data Set (Monthly)
After you enter the connection details and hit 'Connect' button to connect to the PDSR database.
A browser dialog box will pop up and ask you to pick an account to sign in Azure.
You will click the account with your MGB Email Address.
Once you pick your account, Azure will bring you to your organization sign-in page.
You will then enter your credentials in Mass General Brigham sign-in page. And then click Sign In button.
It will then sign into the Azure Database you selected. Once the database connection is made successfully,
you will see the database tables you can access in the PDSR Curated Data Set.
After you have seen the database tables you are entitled to access, you can then perform the SQL queries (as shown in the example below.)
Contact the service desk to have ticket escalated to the Enclave Platform - MGB assignment group. 
Go to KB0040279 in the IS Service Desk

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