Save or Move Files in Windows Enclave Virtual Desktop

Note: It is a best practice to save files and folders to your 'H:\' drive (Personal Data/File Area)

  1. In your Windows Enclave Virtual Desktop, double-click This PC icon.
    • You will see the Local Disk (C:), Personal Drive (H:), and any other mapped Network Drive (Z: in this example) as shown below.

  1. To copy the entire contents of the disk, right-click Local Disk (C:) and select Copy
    • Or, open the disk to select specific files that you want to copy over.

  1. To copy over the the entire contents of the C: disk (or the selected files):

    1. Click the H: Drive and select Paste

    1. Or, right-click the C: disk > Select Send to > Select the H: Drive 

If further assistance is needed, please contact the Digital Service Desk to have a ticket opened with the Enclave Platform - MGB team.

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