Bayesian Analysis of Common NMR Problems


The Bayesian Analysis of Common NMR Problems software developed at Washington University is a client/server based software package that analyzes common problems in the sciences using Bayesian Probability theory. The Software is a client/server software package consisting of three distinct sets of software: The Server software, the Client software and the Installation software. The Server software actually runs the Bayesian analysis. The Client software is an interface that functions as a buffer between the user and the server software.

Using the Bayes application

Currently these servers are offering the Bayes application:

Server Port CPUs Memory
eris1app01 8080 8 32GB

Select an available server and follow one of the following methods to connect:

From ERISOne Virtual Desktop

Where the data to be processed resides on the ERISOne Cluster, use this method to connect:

  • Request a ERISOne Remote Desktop account
  • Connect to your assigned server using the NX client
  • Run this command in a terminal window:
javaws http://eris1app01:8080/Bayes/launch.jnlp

From your own computer

[This method is not currently available] Where the data to be processed resides outside the ERISOne environment either copy data to ERISOne, or run the client application remotely.  The procedure will vary according to the operating system.  Linux and Mac users can run this command in a terminal window:


Important note on data protection

The Bayes application does not appear to differentiate between different users of the software thus other users of Bayes on ERIS HPC may be able to access your data and job information.   Data that is considered "PHI" or otherwise protected information should not be uploaded to the ERIS HPC Bayes application without first consulting Scientific Computing

Go to KB0027945 in the IS Service Desk

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