HOWTO: Request a Matlab annual subscription from Partners Research Computing Core

To request an annul Matlab subscription through Partners Research Computing Core (ERIS):

  • Matlab annual subscriptions are $50.00.  
  • Each subscription includes these toolboxes: Bioinformatics, Optimization, Statistics, and Signal Processing.
  • The toolboxes are in a shared license pool - on a rare occasion you may need to wait to use one.
  • You can purchase toolboxes in addition to the ones that come with the subscription noted above - include that on your request form and we will price for you.
  • Your Mac or PC must be connected to the Partners Network (at work or home/travel with VPN) for installation and for the software to work.
  • Your Matlab and toolboxes can be installed on 2 machines and can be accessed from both, but not simultaneously.
  • If Matlab will be installed on a Partners build PC provide the asset/control number. To locate the number, look for a sticker on the body of your computer.
  • An alternative to an annual subscription, you can also choose to use Matlab for free on our high performance cluster.
  • Request a license through the ERIS Research Computing Core Service Catalog 

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