REDCap Getting Started Add Users and Define User Rights

Add Users and Define User Rights

The rights of each user who is granted access to a project must be defined depending on the user’s profile and role in the study.  It is recommended to check all access rights on a regular basis during the study.

1. Under ‘Applications’ on the right hand side, select ‘User Rights’

2. Add all users to the project. 

  • In the space 'New user name', enter the user name (ex: Partners username) and hit the tab key. 

  • Be sure to check/uncheck the appropriate access rights for the user and select 'Add User' at the bottom of the screen.


User Roles

Create user roles (e.g. data entry personnel) for your project when you have several users who will require the same User Rights. Add new users with custom rights (just as before) or assign users to roles.


Data Access Groups: Video (3min)
Data Access Groups restrict viewing of data within a project. A typical use of Data Access Groups is a multi-site study where users at each site should only be able to view data from their site but not any other sites. Users at each site are assigned to a group, and will only be able to see records created by users within their group.

To request access for users that do not have a Partners username and password: Adding External Users to REDCap

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