HOWTO: Signup and use Secure File Transfer Service


  • How to signup and send files via Secure File Transfer Service
  • Please see Secure File Transfer for a complete list of features and information


  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
  • Support Browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • For large files please use a current web browser that supports HTML 5.

Note: Partners employees do not need to sign up for an account. They can login using their Partners primary email address and Partners password. External/invited users can only send attachments with this service to Partners employees. 


Creating an account (signup):

Go to, click on the I don't have an account yet link to register for a new account and follow the prompts.  Alternatively if you have received an invitation email, click on the link in the invitation email to access the link and register for an account


Sending a File:

To send a file, login to the Secure File Transfer Service with your email address and password.

Once logged-in, select the Send File menu tab which provides you with an interface to compose an email and attach a file.  Once you have composed your email and attached a file, hit the Send button.  Your file will first be uploaded to the Secure File Transfer Service Appliance and then your email sent along with a secure link to the file. A progress bar will indicate the upload progress.

The default option is to receive an email notification on the delivery of the file.

Receiving a File:

The recipient will receive an email instructing them to “Click link to download.” If you were not expecting any files, do not click on the link. Verify the email by calling the sender.

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The recipient must enter their email address to access the file.

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After entering their email, the recipient can then download the file. If they want to send a file back, they need to log in to Secure File Transfer. 


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