REDCap Getting Started Main Project Settings

Main Project Settings

There are two data collection instrument types:
     (1) Data entry by study team / admins = "Data Entry Forms" 
     (2) Data entry performed by subjects / study participants = "Survey"

For Surveys: If you plan to collect data directly from participants (ex: emailing questionnaires, posting survey to website, participant entering data on tablet / mobile device) then you must:  (1) ENABLE the Main project settings > Use surveys in this project  and (2) ENABLE the Online Designer page >Enabled as survey” for each instrument you would like to collect as a survey. 


There are two data collection formats:
     (1) One record per patient = "Classic"
     (2) One record per patient per event, with the possibility of defining multiple arms = "Longitudinal"

For Longitudinal Projects: you must ENABLE the Main project settings > Use longitudinal data collection with repeating forms

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