REDCap Getting Started Create Data Collection Instruments

Create Data Collection Instruments

Data collection instruments are meant to organize data collection only; they have no impact on the structure of the database or on data extraction.

Create instruments and group the fields from a study work flow and data entry perspective:

  • By modules: i.e. demographics, vitals, medication
  • By type of persons who collect data
  • By data acquisition type: manual data entry or data import
  • Group identifiers (PHI) on the same instrument to better protect subject’s data
  • In a longitudinal study, fields that are entered at the same event or within the same arm are grouped together. Instruments may be used at multiple events/arms.

    Longitudinal study example:

Data collection instruments may be also downloaded from the public Shared Library of instruments available within REDCap. If a validated or licensed instrument is used in a given project, carefully read the terms of agreement before modifying the instrument.  Modifying the instrument may VOID the validation.

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