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Review data

The data review should start at the beginning of data collection to detect any potential data entry errors and to update data entry instructions, if needed. There are different tools available in REDCap to review data:

a. Automatic checks during data entry or data import: REDCap will check automatically during data entry or data import for correct formatting of dates, times, numbers, ZIP codes, email addresses…and missing values for required fields.

b. Data review tracking: each data entry form has a status that can be used to track the progress of data entry and/or data review: Incomplete, Unverified and Complete. In addition, the Lock/Unlock feature can be used to prevent accidental data modification or deletion. The e-signature is also an option that can serve as the equivalent of a handwritten signature.

     Example of use:

Note: the use of these tracking tools can be customized for each data entry form and project, depending on the needs of the project.

c. Report Builder: will allow users to create, save, export and print customized data reports. Once a report is saved, all users who are granted access to the project and the Report Builder module of the project can see it. For example, a report can be created to check the chronological orders of dates across events.

d. PDF: data for one or all records may be downloaded into a single PDF file.

  • Contains the actual page format as seen on the data entry page or survey
  • Includes all data or data from a single instrument
  • May be used if data need to be shared within a short time period.

e. Graphical data view and stats: This module can display any project data (numeric and coded data) in aggregate graphical format and as descriptive statistics. Example:


If clicking any of the points on the plot, the data entry form of that exact record will open.

f. Data Exports: data can be exported in Excel

  Data Exports in Excel format must be used as a tool for reviewing data and not as a data destination.

g. Data Quality module The aim of this module is to help quickly find discrepancies and errors in project data. This module contains rules that can be customized for the project; these rules can be executed at any time during the study. Users can exclude any results that they do not wish to see in future results. When data review is finalized, the project may be moved into ‘inactive’ mode: can query/view data but cannot add/modify/delete data. The database is ready for statistical analysis.

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