Research IT Institutional Advisory Boards


ERIS established Advisory Boards within MGH and BWH composed of senior PI's and subject matter experts involved in computing and computing technology.  The ongoing mission of the Institutional Advisory Boards is to guide and develop the research information service & technology (IS&T) strategy for the research community. The objective is to differentiate Mass General Brigham's institutions as the leading academic medical centers in the U.S. through use of information technologies and services that can be leveraged by research users. These services may be provided by each institution through institutional allocation to Academic Programs or to Mass General Brigham Information Systems (IS), or through fee-for-service.


The acting goals of the Advisory Boards are to provide regular guidance and feedback to ERIS and Research Management on current and future IS&T services, service needs/requirements, priorities, technology, outreach/dissemination, policy, and organizational development.

These can be categorized into two overarching goals:

  1. Advance the ERIS portfolio of services to meet evolving research needs.
  • Discuss service requirements and needs improvements to augment current services.
  • Provide input and feedback regarding near and long-term new service needs; new developments in research that will have IS&T reliance/impact.
  • Assist in budget justification and prioritization of IS&T projects and services from the beginning for ERIS and Senior Research Leadership.
  1. Advocate for the community by providing requirements and strategic direction to institutionally-led projects and initiatives involving Mass General Brigham IS.
  • e.g. Email, remote access, security policies, networking, eCare.


Each working group is comprised of an internal network of experts who have agreed to give meaningful help on a regular basis in the essential IS&T areas listed above.  In addition, the groups will advise senior research management in its strategic decision-making process.  Members' abilities, experience, and knowledge are selected for how they complement a particular project, ability to provide insight from the scientific community into IS&T needs and requirements, or the organization as a whole.  

Each Advisory Board will be called upon to gather 3-4 times per year, on average, as a group but also to provide feedback on specific, time-sensitive issues as they arise individually.

BWH Research IT Advisory Board

This board is in formation and will be led by the Brigham Research Institute (BRI) and ERIS.

Allison Moriarty, Vice President, BWH Research Administration and Compliance
Jacqueline Slavik, PhD, MMSc, Executive Director, Brigham Research Institute (BRI)
Brent Richter, Director, ERIS
Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD, Director, RISC

Ana Anderson, PhD
Heather Carter
Dan Chasman, PhD
Michael Conrad 
Neil Coplan
Marco Derienzo
Patricia Drooff
Josephine Elias
Steve Flammini, Partners CTO
Lisa Foley
Georg Gerber, MD, PhD, MPH 
Marcia Goetsch
Lisa Griffin
Michael Wilfred Halle, PhD
Edwin Joseph
Adam Landman, MD 
Calum MacRae, MD, PhD
Fabio Martins
Christina Mazzone
David Stanley Milstone, MD, PhD
Daniel Pallin, MD, MPH
Hong Pan, PhD
Nikolaos A. Patsopoulos, MD, PhD
Soumya Raychaudhuri, MD, PhD
Susan Redline, MD, MPH
Joe Ronda
Heather Shea
Lynn Simpson, MPH
Esther Ssozi
Yemi Talabi-Oates 
Alexander Turchin, MD, MS
John Varner
John Weng 
Hans Widlund, PhD

MGH Research IT Advisory Board

This board is operational and led by MGH Research Administration and ERIS.

Gary Smith, Sr. Administrative Director, MGH
Brent Richter, Director, ERIS
Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD, Director, RISC

Scott Arn
Gilles Benichou
Carl Blesius
Deverie Bongard
Brett Bouma
Heather Carter
Timothy Clark
Neil Coplan
Iain Drummond
Steve Flammini, Partners CTO
Lisa Foley
Phil Graceffa
Douglas N. Greve, PhD
Stephen Haggarty
Fumito Ichinose
Hanne Kooy
Isabel Latorre, PhD
Eric C. Liao
Fabio Martins
Thomas H. McCoy, MD
Rob Moir
Shawn Murphy, MD, PhD
David Niles
Sarita Patil, MD 
Misha Pivovarov
Sridhar Ramaswamy, MD
Kenneth Ross
Brian Seed
Lynn Simpson, MPH
Julianna Soriano
Norm Tenbroek
Toby Tsuchida
John Varner
Ben Wittner