ERIS provides information services and technologies that enable and drive research and innovation across the academic medical centers of Mass General Brigham. ERIS is composed of service-oriented teams that directly support and collaborate with researchers. ERIS provides applications, processes and resources that support the basic, biomedical and clinical research missions across Mass General Brigham.

ERIS provides the interface for the research community to Mass General Brigham IS. We provide advocacy and guidance on behalf of research to the many enterprise projects and consults that involve Mass General Brigham Information Security, ITS, Network Engineering, Contracts, Security and other corporate departments. We help define, test and deliver services provided by IS that affect Research.

Meet the people who lead each of the teams within ERIS.

 Brent Richter

Brent Richter, Director

Originally from Cincinnati, Brent came to the Boston area for college attending Harvard University and Boston College and earning degrees in biology/genetics and philosophy as well as certificates in computer science and technology management (MIT). Before assuming his current position at Mass General Brigham, he held a number of other positions in healthcare and Life Science. He performed original research and development several bio departments across Harvard University, including the Human Genome Lab (contributing the methodologies for sequencing the Human Genome), the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and at The Museum of Comparative Zoology Labs investigating population genetics of developmentally important genes. He also worked at the MGH Department of Molecular Biology building databases and bench methods for SNP detection as well as at BWH's Channing Lab as Director of Bioinformatics.  A biotech startup, Genomics Collaborative, rounds out the experience where Brent managed the team that built a biobank and bioinformatics pipelines for Personalized Medicine.

As the Director of ERIS, Brent leads the talented and diverse members of ERIS who identify, develop and provide technology platforms, applications and essential services needed to enable the research and innovation communities and projects of the Mass General Brigham and our Academic Medical Centers: Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham Health, Mass Eye and Ear, and McLean Hospital. Outside of work, he likes being outside and in nature with his family and friends, and he enjoys discovering new peoples and cultures.

 Edana Martin

Edana MartinScientific Computing

With a PhD in physics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Edana previously worked at the University of Massachusetts Lowell developing analysis software for nuclear physics experiments. She then went on to work at GSI in Germany, where she supported and performed experiments of heavy ion research. Edana came to Mass General Brigham in April 2015. Her work involves supporting the ERISOne and IDEA platforms as well as providing assistance to all researchers to develop projects in our platforms. When she’s not in the office, you can find Edana eating out at a good restaurant, salsa dancing, swimming, or even in another country. Did you know she’s been to twenty-seven countries? If you need assistance with ERISOne or IDEA or you want some travel advice, Edana can help you out!

 Eloy Toscano

Eloy ToscanoEnterprise Data and Analytics Platform Infrastructure


 John Varner

John Varner, ERIS Operations and Senior Manager of CTM


 Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins, Infrastructure as a Service

Kevin is responsible for developing and delivering enterprise-wide IT services for the research community that includes Linux, Windows and Storage platforms, along with DIPR and Database hosting for the research community.

 Lisa Foley

Lisa Foley, Business Relationship Liaison

Hailing from the small town of Cobleskill, NY, Lisa first came to Boston to attend Northeastern University, where she earned a BA in communications studies with a minor in history. She has been with Mass General Brigham since 2008 when she joined the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Clinical Investigation. In 2013, she transferred into her current role at Mass General Brigham, where she focuses on communication and the business relationship between the ERIS team and the research community. Lisa works on our digital forms of communication to ensure that information about our services is accurate and accessible for those who need it. In her spare time, she likes to travel, read, hike, and do yoga, and her history minor will surely give her a slight advantage if she ever challenges you in a game of trivia. Also, she wants to learn to play the piano in her free time this year.

 Manuela Stoyanov

Manuela Stoyanov, Consumer Technology Management

Manuela is originally from Bulgaria. With a MS in computer science and electrical engineering, she has gained experience working at Microsoft and the Museum of Science in Boston. She started at Mass General Brigham in 1997, and she currently manages the Consumer Technology Management team within ERIS. She coordinates innovative technologies and implementations for the client computing fleet, including desktop, laptop, and mobile computing devices. When not managing the CTM team, Manuela likes ballroom dancing and traveling.

 Mike Lee

Mike Lee, Senior Project Specialist

Originally from Boston, Michael attended Brown University, where he earned a BA in computer science. Before coming to Mass General Brigham in 1995, he worked as a Technical Research Assistant at Harvard Medical School. Mike takes on several key roles in ERIS, leveraging his technical expertise to steer mobile and Apple endpoint strategy as well as architect the platforms used to leverage the technologies at Mass General Brigham. As Mobility Architect, Mike’s portfolio includes MobileIron, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), as well as iOS, Android, Android Enterprise Deployments. As MacOS Systems Designer, Mike is part of the Program for Enterprise Apple Services (PEAS) team and is a JAMP Casper Certified Admin. Mike also manages the suite of Atlassian tools including Confluence Enterprise Collaboration and JIRA Agile / JIRA Software. Additionally, Mike is a subject matter expert in Dropbox Enterprise and Syncplicity, collaboration and file-sharing tools used on an enterprise level at Mass General Brigham. In his rare amounts of free time, Michael likes to go mountain biking or play ice hockey.

 Nicholas Yale

Nicholas Yale, User Services

Originally from New Jersey, Nick made his way to the Boston area to attend Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he earned a BA in Engineering Technology. Before coming to Mass General Brigham, he started his career working for Bruce Springsteen back in New Jersey and later working at the Stop & Shop datacenter in Braintree, Massachusetts. He has been at Mass General Brigham since 2006, and he now manages the site teams located at BWH, MGH & MCL along with managing site specific & Enterprise projects that involve the unmanaged devices. In his spare time, Nick likes to play pool (aka the shark), watch movies or TV shows, gamble at casinos, play video games, visit family, or dine in new restaurants. If you’re a fan of vintage cars, he’s owned a 1965 and a 1966 Mustang.

 Alissa Scharf

Alissa Scharf, Research Computing Core

Alissa has a MPH in Epidemiology and more than 20 years of experience in the fields of public health research, global health and project management. Her past experiences include working with Partners In Health (PIH) to bring new tuberculosis drugs to multi-drug resistant patients in 15 countries; creating a new Center of Excellence at the Harvard School of Public Health; and serving as the Deputy Director of Emergency Preparedness for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Alissa joined Mass General Brigham in March 2017, and is the Manager of the Research Computing Core. When not working, you can find Alissa hiking or kayaking in the the White Mountains.


Valdery Moura Junior

Valdery Moura Junior, Program Manager, Datalake for Digital Device Data (4DE)

Junior, originally from Brazil, studied at Universidade Catolica de Brasilia (UCB), where he earned his BS and MS in computer science, and he then attended Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), where he earned his MBA in IS strategic management. Junior joined Mass General Brigham in 2013. He was transferred to ERIS in 2019 from MGH/Neurology, where he worked as a Project Manager and Software Engineer developing projects that use new computational techniques that are employed to acquire, convert, analyze, and store large amounts of neurophysiological data and medical records for the MGH-Harvard Clinical Data Animation Center. His current position involves leading a multi-disciplinary team that architects designs and develops the research repository for time series data collected from bedside medical devices across the Mass General Brigham hospital sites. This data lake will be ready-made for analytics with a Hadoop based ecosystem. In his free time, Junior enjoys playing with his kids, listening to music, and watching movies.