March 30, 2017
MAD 3.0: The MAD service continues to be made available, now being featured as “MAD 3.0” on an entirely new hardware architecture on Dell/EMC equipment. The basis of the platform is to ingest data via SMB/CIFS mounts on a fast Isilon storage cluster, and that data is then aged off to our deep, S3-...Read more »
March 29, 2017
The Biobank Portal Now Contains Genotype Data for 15,000 Subjects!! The Biobank is in the process of genotyping 50,000 subjects to help researchers identify disease associations across the whole genome. Samples are genotyped using microarray-based genome-wide association studies (GWAS). G enotype...Read more »
March 23, 2017
The Data and Research Center (DRC) is seeking input from the All of Us Research Program consortium to inform the development of the All of Us Researcher Portal. This portal will enable a variety of researchers to access and analyze All of Us data within a secure environment. Please complete this...Read more »
March 20, 2017
Looking for Technology and computer resources for research and innovation? Are you looking to increase efficiency and collaboration in your lab? move lab data and records from paper to electronic formats? utilize computational resources for data processing and analysis? ERIS now provides a free...Read more »
March 15, 2017
Do you need to create figures from scientific data for publication? Enterprise Research Infrastructure & Services (ERIS) provides GraphPad Prism software at considerable savings for researchers through the Research Computing Core . Both Windows and Mac systems are fully supported. GraphPad...Read more »
March 15, 2017
Are you looking for an opportunity to interact with Partners Corporate IT to ask questions and express concerns? This monthly meeting is geared for research IT administrators and managers who support research departments and labs, but is open to anyone in Partners HealthCare community. Tech Lunch...Read more »
March 3, 2017
REDCap User Groups Sessions in April. ​Check out our events calendar for registrations coming soon: PHS Information Systems has made the move to the new Partners Healthcare Assembly Row building in Somerville, MA. March 30, 2017 Research Technical Lunch...Read more »
March 1, 2017
Meeting patient enrollment targets continues to be a challenge for many studies across Partners. The reasons for this are multi-factorial, but for many, involving the patient’s clinician in the review process, often adds to the effort, time and resources required. The Research Opportunities Direct...Read more »
March 1, 2017
Effective March 1 st , 2017, all submissions to the National Institutes of Health and all other Public Health Service agencies must be prepared using the ASSIST (Application Submission System & Interface for Submission Tracking) system. Proposals using an SF424 grant package in place of ASSIST...Read more »
March 1, 2017
The Patient Reported Outcome Measures Data (PROMs) is available in the RPDR Query Tool. PROMs provide a means of gaining an insight into the way patients perceive their health and the impact that treatments or adjustments to lifestyle have on their quality of life. Look for these query items under...Read more »