Biobank Portal Release: Text Searching and more Genomic Data

January 2, 2019 10:40 am

The Partners Biobank is pleased to announce a new release of the Biobank Portal with two important updates: 


The Biobank Portal introduces a new way to find patients using text searching of clinical notes. Researchers can now use this option in the Portal to search through millions of clinical notes and reports for specific terms and phrases that are hard to find or not easily defined through other coding systems. Notes can be searched alone or added as search items in any query to define patient sets. Available note types include discharge summaries and ambulatory, pathology, radiology and operative notes. This option can be found in the Notes & Reports folder in the Navigate Terms section of the Portal.


A new set of over 5,000 subjects has been genotyped, bringing the total number of genotyped subjects in the Biobank to over 30,000. Genotyped and imputed data sets can be requested directly from the Biobank Portal.


There are currently over 94,000 consented subjects in the Partners Biobank, with more being added each week. Their EHR, health survey, genomic and machine-learning phenotype data is available for querying in the Biobank Portal. Data and sample requests may also be made from the Biobank Portal, which can be found on the Partners start menu and at:

For questions and feedback about the Biobank Portal, contact OR Stacey Duey, Project Specialist :