June 29, 2017
Network Access Control (NAC) update by Mike Healy, Senior Project Specialist, Information Security: The NAC agent has been deployed to 50,000 managed devices Agent deployment extends to PEAS (Macs) in mid-July The agent is available from PEAS Self Service The agent will not be deployed to servers...Read more »
June 21, 2017
Allan Harris, ERIS Cloud Architect and ERIS IaaS team members will discuss available storage options and provide guidance on how to choose based on need. Dan Fitzpatrick, PHS Information Security Architect will present on the PHS Identity Management project. Thursday, June 29, 2017 from Noon - 2p.m...Read more »
June 15, 2017
Standard Services Offered Researchers may use built-in standard Epic research tools to, for example, enroll subjects, associate visits to studies, place research orders, route research billing, receive notifications about subjects, and run basic reports (For more info, go to: more »
June 6, 2017
Introducing NEW RPDR Notes Search Functionality The RPDR is excited to announce improvements and updates to our clinical Notes Search functionality! This functionality allows researchers to query clinical notes for specific text terms and phrases in order to identify patient cohorts who have notes/...Read more »
May 26, 2017
Critical Steps to Protect your Server Systems Against Computer-Related Infections To protect your Server Systems Against Computer-Related Infections, install Trend Deep Security antivirus (version 10.0.2240) and run a full scan on all Windows and Linux Server Systems. Instructions to obtain Deep...Read more »
May 9, 2017
Brian Kilduff, PHS Corporate Manager of Office Productivity & Collaboration Tools Services and team will give updates on Office 365 and Exchange in the Cloud. Leigh Hochberg, MD, PhD, Director of the MGH Neurotechnology Trials Unit and his team will present on BrainGate , highlighting some of...Read more »
May 9, 2017
Not everyone learns the same way which is why MathWorks instructors use a variety of techniques to reinforce concepts and build proficiency using MATLAB and Simulink products. Learn MATLAB for Free Take the free, 2-hour, MATLAB Onramp course providing an overview to the MATLAB programming language...Read more »
May 4, 2017
Website Hosting Services Currently hosting over 400 sites, ERIS provides two hosting options for Department or Lab websites. Shared Web Hosting Service supports WordPress, HTML and PHP pages. Dedicated Virtual Web Hosting Service allows you to manage your own Virtual Server via our DIPR Cloud...Read more »
April 24, 2017
April 24th marks Information Security & Privacy Spring Awareness Week. Discover how to prevent unauthorized access to your workspace, protect your mobile devices, and secure confidential documents. To learn more about this week’s topics, visit: more »
April 20, 2017
Are you looking for an opportunity to interact with Partners Corporate IT to ask questions and express concerns? This monthly meeting is geared for research IT administrators and managers who support research departments and labs, but is open to anyone in Partners HealthCare community. Thursday,...Read more »