MDM Profile Expiration in macOS

Devices affected: Apple Laptops and Desktops enrolled in PEAS


Symptoms: A Notification Center pop-up informing of an expiring or expired MDM Profile



Q: How do I know if my device is affected?

A: You will receive a popup in Notification Center.


Q: What happens if my MDM Profile is expired?

A: This will not affect your use of the Mac. The Profile is specific to PEAS, and will not affect your data or performance of the device. Until the issue is resolved with a re-enrollment you may continue to receive a pop-up regarding the Profile status.


Q: Will I have to worry about this again?

A: Going forward Profiles will be renewed automatically, and should not require any further intervention. MDM Profiles expire every two years, and have been renewing without incident for almost a decade. This current situation was brought about by a product defect.


Steps to resolve

To resolve this error, there are two steps:

1. Remove the old CA Certificate and MDM Profile - KB0039789

2. Re-enroll your device in PEAS -KB0034657


Go to KB0039788 in the IS Service Desk

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