HOWTO: Convert from Basic Authentication to Modern Authentication for macOS 10.15 and Later


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Applies to:

Macs using Apple Mail that were upgraded from an earlier version of macOS to macOS 10.15 and later


This document provides steps to convert the Apple Mail client from Basic Auth to Modern Auth (OAuth). Apple started supporting Modern Auth (OAuth) in the Native Mail client starting in 10.15.  Macs that were configured to access Mass General Brigham Email prior to 10.15 that were later upgraded to 10.15 and later must be reconfigured. Failure to reconfigure your Mail client will result in the loss of email and calendar access via Apple’s native Mail and Calendar applications on the device.


  • Apple Menu () > System Preferences > Internet Accounts
  • Click on Exchange on the left

    • If you do not see “Exchange” listed on the left, your Mac is not configured to use Apple Mail. Stop Here
  • Select “Details

    • If you see your Email Address Listed, your Mac is already using Modern Auth. Stop Here
    • If you see a Network ID (i.e. zex2), proceed to the RESOLUTION Section below



  • Click on the “-“ symbol on the bottom left
  • Click “OK” or “Remove from All” to remove the account from your Mac


  • Apple Menu () > System Preferences > Internet Accounts


  • Select Exchange on the right

    • Enter your Full Name
    • Enter your Mass General Brigham Email Address
    • Click on Sign In

  • Click Sign In to allow Mail to Auto-Discover your Mass General Brigham Email Account

  • You will automatically be redirected to Okta 2FA

    • Enter your Mass General Brigham Network ID (e.g. jha12)
    • Enter your Password

  • If prompted, send the SMS Verification Code, Enter it, and click Verify

  • Select the Data you want to sync with your Mac

  • Click on Done


Go to KB0037828 in the IS Service Desk

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