HOWTO: Request Keygiver Rights to a System or SFA

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Configuration Item: PAS

Keygiver Access to Existing Systems/SFAs 

PAS & Keygiving training is required to become a Keygiver. Once you've completed training, ask one of the existing Keygivers to give you Keygiver rights. If there are no Keygivers listed for that system or SFA, ask your reporting manager to open an IS Service Desk ticket to the Client Support Services group to request your Keygiver rights. 

The ticket must be submitted by your reporting manager and list each specific system and SFA for which you need Keygiver access. 

Note: Reinstating Access to PAS

If you previously had access to PAS and need to have it restored to become a Keygiver, you do not have to repeat training. Please have your reporting manager open an IS Service Desk ticket confirming that you will need PAS in your current position.

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