INFO: NSBackup Service File Exclusions

The ERIS NSBackup Service provides secure backup for work-related data (system files are excluded) for Mac, Windows or Linux desktop or laptop computers. This system does not back up Mass General Brigham “Standard” PC computers (see HOWTO: Determine whether you are using a standard or non-standard computer).

The following file types are excluded from the backup when using the NSBackup service:

File Extension File Type
*.bak Backup files
*.cab Windows installation archive files
*.dll Windows Dynamic Link Library files
*.dmp* Windows error dump files
*.driveupload* Google Drive files
*.exe Windows executables
*.hdd* VirtualBox virutal machine files
*.indd* Adobe InDesign files
*.ipa* iPhone apps
*.ithmb* image thumbnails
*.oab* Outlook Offline Address Book
*.olk* Outlook (Mac) database files
*.ost Outlook files
*.pvm* Parallels virtual machine files
*.tmp temporary files
*.vdi* VirtualBox virutal machine files
*.vhd* VirtualBox virutal machine files
*.vmdk* VirtualBox virutal machine files
*.vmem* Vmware virtual machine files
*.wim Windows imaging format

Excluded Folders:

MacOS: Cache; Temp; .DS_Store; .localized; bin; sbin; AppleBundledSoftware.plist; Volumes; cores; dev; .Trash; .Trashes; etc; automount; backups.backupdb; iPhoto Library/iPod Photo Cache; Cache; Calendar Cache; .file; .fseventd; mach_kernel; .hotfiles.btree; net; .vol; Network Trash Folder; Trashes; temp; private; tmp; Network; usr; System; var; Caches; lost+found; inSync; .DocumentRevisions-V100; .Spotlight-V100; Electron

Windows: Temp; Temporary Internet Files; Cache; System Volume Information; pagefile.sys; hiberfil.sys; Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery; desktop.ini; $Extend; I386; UsrClass.dat; ntuser.dat; MSOCache; inSync4; Cookies; NetHood; LocalService; NetworkService; pagefile.sys; iPhoto Library\iPod Photo Cache; PrintHood; RECYCLER; System Volume Information; Temporary Internet Files; WINDOWS; $RECYCLE.BIN; Safeboot.fs; SafeBoot.rsv; temp; tmp; swapfile.sys; ProgramData; Program Files (x86); Program Files; Windows; Windows RECYCLER; inSyncClient

Linux: Cache; Temp; proc; sys; dev; temp; tmp; iPhoto Library/iPod Photo Cache; srv; lost+found; .inSync

To learn more about this service, see INFO: NSBackup Service Getting Started.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Go to KB0039191 in the IS Service Desk

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