Weekly Database Maintenance on ERIS' MySQL

All databases on ERIS' MySQL platform are optimized on a weekly basis.  We are standardizing this maintenance window to match other platforms and provide consistency for the database community. Starting Saturday, March 15, 2014 the optimization process for all MySQL databases will take place weekly on Saturdays, beginning at 2AM EDT and concluding approximately at Noon.  Previously, optimization for some databases occurred on Mondays from 2AM - Noon EDT.  The optimization process typically takes 10 hours to complete for the entire platform but will vary depending on the size of the database.

If you schedule work on Saturdays and would like more detailed information about this maintenance window, please contact rcc@partners.org.  

Database optimization and index rebuild needs to occur on a weekly basis to optimize query capabilities based on any changes to the data tables.

Visit the website for additional MySQL Database Service Level Agreement (SLA) information. 

Go to KB0027962 in the IS Service Desk

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