ERIS DIPR Hosted Virtual Servers (VMs) - Monthly OS Patching Schedule

Applies to: All DIPR Virtual Machines

The Discovery Informatics Platform for Research (DIPR) platform hosted by Enterprise Research IS is undergoing several essential upgrades in Fall 2019 to elevate security standards. These changes will include increased auditing, enabling SELinux on all systems and patching of the Linux OS on all servers on a monthly basis. The ERIS Infrastructure team will communicate each change two weeks before deploying. Please subscribe to receive DIPR communications and visit for more information.

ERIS DIPR Hosted Virtual Servers (VMs) - Monthly OS Patching Schedule
VMs will be patched and rebooted during the last week of each month, starting in September 2019.

  • Non-production VMs - Third Wednesday of each month from 10AM -3PM
  • Production VMs - last Saturday of each month between 9AM -3PM

Action Required
We need help identifying production VMs from non-production VMs.

  • Please reach out to "Attn: Kevin Mullins" and list your production VMs.
  • If your VM does not have "prod" in its name, your production VM will get patched on a Wednesday afternoon.

We understand that this is a significant change. We need your help to ensure an easy transition for your servers, applications, and users.

Service Level Reminders
To ensure premium supportability, security, and performance, ERIS strives to keep all systems up to their most current and/or stable revisions. Please visit to review the full ERIS Service Level Agreement.

Server owners are responsible for maintaining the applications running on DIPR VMs systems and ensuring they are patched and comply with Information Security Practices and Policies. Server owners are responsible for the backup of critical configurations in case of a failure.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Go to KB0036323 in the IS Service Desk

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