INFO: NSBackup Service Getting Started

NSBackup Service: Getting Started


The ERIS NSBackup Service provides secure backup for work-related data (system files are excluded*) for Mac, Windows or Linux desktop or laptop computers. This system does not back up Mass General Brigham “Standard” PC computers (see HOWTO: Determine whether you are using a standard or non-standard computer)

  • The purchase is for a single NSBackup license; licensed per person.
  • The cost is $10/month for the first 1TB.
  • Each account is allotted 1TB of available storage; you can back up as many computers as you like.

    • Additional space needed beyond 1TB will be charged $10/month per 1TB blocks.
  • Login to NSBackup will require Mass General Brigham username and password credentials through Secure Log In / OKTA.
  • NSBackup is cloud-based. For a backup to complete, the computer must be connected to the internet and powered-on (not in sleep mode). The device no longer needs to be on the MGB network.
  • Visit for a full list of features and jump below for FAQ.

Order NSBackup

  1. Via a Web Browser go to the Research Computing Core Service Catalog website
  2. Click on Backup.
  3. Click Order button.
  4. Log in with your Mass General Brigham username and password.
  5. Next select the Fund number you wish to use to pay for the service. Or add a new fund.
  6. Then click the Create Subscription button to complete the order.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email from with instructions for installation. The email may take up to 24 hours to arrive.


Mass General Brigham Support, via the Research Computing Core: ERIS provides standard business-hours support (9AM to 5PM, Monday - Friday) for all software. 

NSBackup FAQ

Q. What data is backed up by default?

             A. Your desktop files and documents folder will automatically be backed up, once you've installed the Application client

Q. How do I add folders to be backed up?

             A. Please refer to the vendor information on how to add folders

Q. What files types are excluded from NSBackup?

A. See INFO: NSBackup Service File Exclusions

Q. Can I use a single NSBackup License to back up several accounts on one computer?

A. Due to security purposes, we can no longer offer the “shared” option. If a computer has multiple accounts, each user must sign up for backup separately.

Q. What Operating Systems are supported?

A. Mac - macOS Catalina 10.15 and newer
    Windows - Windows 10 and newer

Q. How to change funding source(s) for the backup service

A. Login to with your MGB credentials
    Go to -->My Account -->My Subscriptions
    Select the Actions dropdown menu on the right-hand column for your NSBackup --> Edit
    Click Change Funding Source
    Update funding info
    Click Update Subscription

Q. How to uninstall NSBackup (powered by Druva inSync Client)?

A. Visit the Druva inSync Client documentation to uninstall the client.

    Visit the Research Computing Core Service Catalog website and navigate to Subscriptions to cancel the service.




Go to KB0039185 in the IS Service Desk

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