INFO: Change Management Reference Documents

Links to a variety of documents regarding the Change Management process at Partners HealthCare System.

Change Management FAQs


Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding a wide range of change management topics.

Change Management Overview


Provides an overview of the Change Management process used at PHS to ensure that we have adequate review, communication, and analysis of all changes affecting the organization, as well as a process for reviewing the overall change management strategy.

Change Management Process Documentation


Details the standardized methods and techniques used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes in order to prevent change-related incidents. This document is meant to guide the user through the process and workflow of change while accurately recording data within the ServiceNow Change module.

Change Management Training


This article includes the training document used in Change Management Training.

Request for Change


Provides IS and business users with instructions for entering a request for change. This procedure should only be used to add, modify, or remove a supported service or modify an application or hardware.

Request for Pre-Approved Change


Provides IS users with instructions for working with templates for pre-approved changes. Pre-approved changes help streamline the process for making normal, routine changes that can be easily backed out.

Working with Change Records


Provides IS users with instructions for working with Change Records (CRs). You can use a CR to directly submit a change request, bypassing the Request for Change (RFC) process. You may also be involved in submitting CRs to process RFCs for which your team is identified as the assigned group.

Viewing Change Freeze Date Information


Provides IS users for instructions for accessing change freeze date information in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Video Demonstrations


Provides a link to training videos for using ServiceNow, including change management topics.

Change Management Timeline and CAB Minutes


Provides attachments for the current Change Management timeline and the latest Change Advisory Board (CAB) Minutes.


Links to ServiceNow reports associated with the Change Management process at Partners HealthCare System.

Enterprise CAB Report

Report Link

Provides a weekly report for use with the Enterprise CAB meetings. Note that this report is updated weekly, based on the changes scheduled for the current week (Wednesday to Wednesday).

Enterprise CAB Social Report

Report Link

Provides a report of upcoming changes to the Partners environment beyond the Enterprise CAB report. This report is used during CAB meetings for socialization of changes not in scope for the current week.

Preapproved Change Templates Report

Report Link

Provides a report of all preapproved templates that have been entered in ServiceNow. 


  - Indicates that the associated KB article includes a training video.

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