INfO: Encryption requirement for Windows Devices

Mass General Brigham uses McAfee Endpoint Encryption®, formerly SafeBoot software to encrypt most Microsoft Windows laptops that connect to Mass General Brigham resources.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption® for Windows is installed like any other application installed on your laptop. Note, only an MGB Research Support technician can install or remove the software, and register your laptop with the McAfee Server. Please call the help desk to make an appointment to have your device encrypted.

Mass General Brigham requires that all qualified laptop, tablet, and netbook computers running MacOS, Windows, or Linus variants that connect to the Mass General Brigham computer network through WiFi or Ethernet, using OWA, VPN, GoToMyPC, or by other channels must be registered and encrypted. This also applies to devices that store Mass General Brigham Confidential Data. Users may choose to activate built in Windows encryption called BitLocker, if available*, instead of McAfee Endpoint Encryption® provided they activate Bitlocker and full disk encryption. Windows laptop computers that do not run a full disk encryption product sometimes called Device Encryption, are not allowed to connect to the Mass General Brigham computer network or be used to store or access confidential data.

* BitLocker is available on most Windows Professional systems, and is also used and managed by some MGB facilities. Please call the help desk for more information before activating any encryption software.

Please review the McAfee Endpoint Encryption Incompatible PC Hardware List

Minimum System Requirements

30MB of Free Disk Space

Supported on:

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 through SP4
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 through SP2 (32bit only)
  • Microsoft Vista 32bit and 64bit (all versions)
  • Microsoft Pocket Windows 2002 and 2003

Encryption Request

To have a laptop encrypted please see  HOWTO: Request Installation of Encryption Software

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