TRBL: Troubleshooting the PEAS Menu

How the PEAS Menu works

The PEAS Menu works via 3 files:

  • /Library/Application Preferences/JAMF/
  • /Library/Application Preferences/JAMF/BitBar Plugins/
  • /Library/Preferences/com.matryer.BitBar.plist

BitBar is the name of the application that runs the Menu. When the Menu is installed on your computer, your computer gets a profile that makes the PEAS Menu a login item.

Expected Behavior

If someone clicks on the PEAS menu and something is in red, that just means that there is a resolvable issue. This is expected.

For example, if a device is showing as "Not Encrypted" then it needs to be encrypted. If they've rebooted and started encryption, but it still shows as red and "not encrypted" in the PEAS Menu, then it just needs some time to finish encrypting before it registers with the menu. The Menu checks periodically, and will correct itself for status updates.


If someone would like help with resolving something in red, please open a normal ticket with the appropriate site team (for example, "desktop research - bwh").

In the above example, you can also see Automatic Check for Updates Not Enabled. To change this, go to System Preferences> Software Updates and check the Automatically keep  my Mac up to date box. If someone doesn't want the updates installed automatically, then still click the box, but then hit Advanced. A menu will come up- as long as Check for updates is checked, the rest can be unchecked and the PEAS Menu will still function correctly.

Troubleshooting the PEAS Menu

If the PEAS Menu or BitBar isn't in the menu bar at all, the Menu may have been quit, or possibly have crashed. To reopen the PEAS Menu, you can log out and log back in on the Mac. Alternatively, you can Spotlight search an application called "BitBar" and that will reopen the Menu.

If you see “BitBar” in place of the PEAS Menu icon, BitBar is not detecting the PEAS Menu plugin:

  • Try refreshing the PEAS Menu (Refresh All)
  • Try reinstalling from the Self Service application
  • If neither of these work, please open a ticket with the PEAS team.


If you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point, this is an indication that the menu isn't functioning correctly, not that a computer is out of compliance, or that any action is required from the user.

In this case, please open a ticket with the PEAS team so we can troubleshoot. If it's possible to grab a screenshot like the one above and add it to the ticket, that would be incredibly helpful.


As of version 2.6.1 (released 12.19.2022), The PEAS Menu can detect enrollment errors. These errors are derived from the MDM profile on the device. When these Errors are detected, the PEAS Menu will turn RED. To correct, click the menu box that says "We've detected a problem with your PEAS enrollment, click this to open up Self Service to fix"

This will open up Self Service directly to the button to fix the issue. Clicking "Fix Me" in Self Service will remove the files that are problematic, and open up a browser window to re-enroll the device. Device enrollment must occur for this issue to go away.

Go to KB0037035 in the IS Service Desk

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