Windows Analysis Server Account Request

Windows Analysis Server User Principles                                        

The Windows Analysis Server (HPCWIN4) is a server that provides a Windows environment on a robust machine for Windows applications only. This server does not have a scheduler system that helps regulate users and the number of resources their applications require. Therefore, we rely on users to regulate their usage. There are a few principles that all users must follow in this sandbox:

  • Any application that requires a high amount of resources has to be a Windows application only. This means that applications like Python, Matlab, R and similar that can be run on the ERISOne Linux Cluster, when possible. In that case, these Linux-based applications can be scheduled and have access to a much larger resource of computing power. Please take a look at Computational Resources to see all the options.  If you have any questions please contact
  • Processes cannot be left unattended. Check your jobs progress regularly and ensure they are not over-consuming resources.  If your application is consuming too much CPU/RAM please stop it as soon as you can.
  • Be considerate to other users and do not run intensive applications for a long time. This impacts all users, and admins as well since it limits the ability of the server to accept new connections. If you need to run an application for a long time please contact to coordinate.​

Apply for an account on the Windows Analysis Server (HPCWIN4)  by completing the form below.  If you have applied before and have an HPCWIN2 or HPCWIN3 account your access will be automatically migrated to the new HPCWIN4 server. Users can only have an account on one of the servers. A Mass General Brigham user ID and password are required to login to this page and access the form.

The use of these servers requires some familiarity with the Windows Operating System.

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