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The MGB GitLab Report FY23

GitLab Report FY23

Since MGB GitLab’s first launch at Mass General Brigham in 2016, the program has grown to now support over 2000 users and 4600 projects.

MGB GitLab was first launched at Mass General Brigham in 2016. The program now has over 4,600 projects and usage is steadily growing.

Project Stats

In the first FY2016 of MGB GitLab Support: 93 new projects created

In FY2023: 892 new projects created

MGB GitLab Projects FY23

User Stats

GitLab’s user base is continuing to grow steadily. Today, MGB GitLab supports in excess of 2000 users, with 415 new accounts added in FY23. On average, there are 349 active users per month.

GitLab Users FY23

New Functionality and Service Offering

As of January 2023, we have enabled the GitLab Pages functionality. GitLab Pages allows you to publish static web pages directly from your MGB GitLab repository and be assigned a dedicated sub-domain for your web page.

As of August 2023, we have enabled the Container and Package Registry functionality. This service has been quickly adopted and usage is increasing steadily. 

Support Stats

MGB GitLab End User Support is mostly a self service model. MGB GitLab End User Support consists of 50% FTE. The team strives to apply monthly updates to the system in order to stay current with latest software releases.

In addition, we successfully migrated an existing GitLab instance into the MGB GitLab instance. Over 200 projects and 300GB of Packages and Container images were successfully transferred, thus allowing the teams to continue their great work in support for the MGB mission.

GitLab is enabling MGB teams to successfully implement and adhere to DevOps best practices as well as enhance the security of the code that is generated and run across the enterprise. With over 130,000 executed pipelines, MGB GitLab is enabling teams to go from concept to secure code deployment with ease.


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