Launched in 2020, the Analytics Enclave, "Enclave Platform", is a highly secure, privacy-aware, data ecosystem equipped with self-service AI, machine learning, and research data tools that facilitate on-demand data analysis at the project-, program-, or institution-level.

The controlled and protected environment offers authorized users a dedicated, centralized, scalable, and customizable workspace for collaboration on highly confidential or sensitive data with predictable timeframe for completing planned or exploratory analyses.

The Enclave Platform supports cross-institution collaboration (for example: MGB research community and external clinical industry partners) on MGB data or curated data marts. At present, the Enclave platform has several COVID-19 data marts and project-specific databases.

As of October 1, 2021, the Analytics Platform hosts a total of 78 research projects and over 180 members of the scientific community.

Enclave Platform Resources

The Enclave Platform has a baseline offering of widely used data analytics tools and software


The Enclave Platform is equipped with an array of software programs and applications. These computational resources and data sources are updated regularly.

The Enclave-hosted repositories have popular R packages including Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

Documentation, Statistical Software & Analytics Tools

Programming Tools Development Platforms Databases Data Sources







Microsoft Excel


RStudio Package Manager (RSPM) - Beta





JAVA Runtime Environment

Java SE Development Kit

JFrog Artifactory

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

PyCharm Community

Visual Studio Code

Microsoft SQL Server

COVID-19 Data Mart

COVID-19 Detailed Data Files

COVID-19 Vaccine Registry

COVID-19 Vaccine Self-Reported Symptoms Database

ECG Data Files (static data)

Research Project-Specific Databases


Accessing the Enclave Platform

Access to the Enclave Platform involves a strict project-specific approval process for each applicant


Access to the Enclave Platform is granted upon completion and submission of the Access Request Form

Upon approval, the applicant's Enclave workspace is provisioned per project. They can access their dedicated Enclave Virtual Desktop(s) by logging in with their MGB username and password via the VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

1. Plan ahead

2. Complete & submit the online form 3. Application review  4. Enclave workspace provisioning & notification of access approval 5. Access the Enclave Virtual Desktop Computer

Prepare or organize the data you will bring into the  Enclave Platform

Carefully read the requirements for accessing the COVID-19 data. For example, your IRB-approved protocol should describe the proposed use of the COVID-specific identifiable data if access to the the COVID data marts is requested

Review the information at RISC Research Data Dictionaries In Collibra and RISC Dashboard: COVID-19 Mart in Enclave to ascertain the availability of data in support of your research


Note: No cost to MGB-affiliated applicants

Submit the online access request form

The required information include:

a) Project principal investigator's contact information

b) Project information (e.g. title, IRB #, expiration date)

c) Specify whether or not access to the RISC-owned or managed databases is requested

d) Check off database(s) for which access is requested

e) Specify if only project generated or acquired data will be analyzed

Application is reviewed (dates /duration of access and use of the Enclave Platform and specific databases) 

Project’s principal investigator approves project member’s access

Analytics Enclave workspace is provisioned

Information on the Enclave Platform access and use requirements is sent to the applicant via email

Access the workspace remotely via VMware Horizon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - [Enclave Virtual Desktop (EVD)]

Access the readily-available data analytics tools

Use the project-specific P: Drive for file/data sharing and collaboration

Leverage the technical support for the duration of the project

Enclave Platform Support

Leverage technical support to enhance your overall experience with the Enclave Platform


Do you need assistance with the Enclave Platform? We Got You!

Please provide us with complete information to inform the technical support or troubleshooting process.

  1. Be specific: Describe what it is you are attempting to do. We would like to know exactly what is happening so we can more effectively address your question(s).
  2. Be descriptive: Provide as much relevant information as you can. For example, when did the issue begin to occur? Is there an error message or warning? What does it say?
  3. If there is an error message, send us the exact text of the message instead of just summarizing it or send a screenshot of the actual message.
  4. Describe the steps you were taking when the issue occurred. Again, screenshots can be helpful if you are not familiar with the terminologies.
  5. Be patient: We may ask a few follow-up questions to get a clear picture of the issue. These are routine troubleshooting steps we take to track, narrow down, isolate, and resolve the issue.

Send an email to and a ServiceNow ticket will be automatically generated for you.