Secure Log In FAQs

What is Secure Log In?

Secure Log In is the technology used to confirm your identity by SMS (text message) or phone call when accessing Mass General Brigham web-based resources when you are not connected to the Mass General Brigham secure network.  


What are the benefits of this technology?

Secure Log In reduces the number of times you need to login with your user name and password when accessing applications. Entering your login information once to access many applications is known as Single Sign On (SSO). Secure Log In also provides a simplified and consistent log in experience. 


What applications will use this technology?

Throughout 2018, many applications will be added and using Secure Log In. HealthStream, Kronos, Microsoft Office 365 are a few of the applications currently using Secure Log In. 


Can Secure Log In 'Remember my Device' so I don't always have to enter a code?

Yes, by selecting Do not challenge me on this device again, you won't have to enter a code each and every time.  Some applications will require you to enter a code every time due to security policy.


How many phones can I register?

You can register one phone for verification by SMS text message and one phone for verification by voice call. Most users register a mobile phone to receive their confirmation code by text message.  Standard text message fees apply.


How do I register a phone?

Phones are registered when a user first sets up their Mass General Brigham password in Password Self Service.

If needed, you can update your phone number in Password Self-Service at


What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security measure that requires you to enter two forms of identification to connect to network resources when working off-site.  At Mass General Brigham, you use your password and a confirmation code received by text message or phone call before accessing Mass General Brigham resources. 


Where can I learn more (or even get a sneak peak of the log in screens)?

Secure Login Overview Guide

Go to KB0032197 in the IS Service Desk

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