Converting MEEI Apple Laptops and Desktops to PEAS

Users from Mass Eye & Ear Institute use a special link when enrolling in PEAS.


When an MEEI user enrolls in PEAS, they will receive the following applications:

  • CrowdStrike AV
  • ForeScout SecureConnector
  • Encryption (if not already encrypted)
  • PEAS Menu


(NOTE: these applications may not download immediately)





1. Enter your MGB credentials

2. Click Continue to download the CA Certificate


3. When the certificate has downloaded, if it has not automatically opened System Preferences, double click the CA certificate to install. Click Continue when asked to install the CA Certificate. NOTE: You may already have a CA Certificate; it is ok to add another.


4. Switch back to Safari (or whichever browser you opened the link in) and click Continue to download the MDM Profile.

NOTE: You may already have an MDM Profile, that will say "MDM Profile, MEEI Verified." This will be the profile we will be replacing with the following steps.

5. When the MDM Profile is downloaded, if it hasn't automatically opened System Preferences, double click the MDM Profile. Click Install when prompted. You will be asked again if you want to install, click Install.


PLEASE NOTE: When installing an MDM profile, it does say, "Rights: Erase all data on this computer." We will not be erasing data from your computer. This is a standard warning by Apple to increase transparency in what can be done. We don't want to erase your stuff. In the event your computer gets stolen and you ask us to, we can, but that's only at your request.

6. Enter your local username and password on your computer to approve the MDM profile installation and click OK. Note- sometimes this can take a minute or two.

7. When complete, your MDM Profile should say Mass General Brigham Incorporated Verified. After these are installed, other profiles to support CrowdStrike and other MGB systems will download automatically. This is normal.

8. Before attempting to open Self Service, please wait until the icon has changed from the 4-colored square to the white PEAS logo. This may take 1-30 minutes, depending on your network connection speed.

The PEAS version of Self Service will require you to enter you MGB username and password.




Go to KB0038582 in the IS Service Desk

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