The PEAS Menu is available for download in the Self Service application; it is currently included with a CrowdStrike AV installation as well. The PEAS Menu is a tool to help quickly determine the status of your Mac. The PEAS Menu will look different depending on what you have installed on your Mac.


PEAS Status

The PEAS Menu checks for:

  • Antivirus
  • Encryption
  • ForeScout Installation
  • System Updates
  • PEAS Enrollment


The antivirus solutions that the Menu checks for are:

  • CrowdStrike AV
  • ClamAV
  • ESET
  • AVG

These are also the AV solutions that are accepted by ForeScout, with the exception of Symantec (coming soon!). If no AV is detected, you can click the link in the menu to be directed to CrowdStrike AV in Self Service. NOTE: CrowdStrike AV comes pre-loaded on Corporate Purchased Macs, with a few exceptions.




If your Mac is not encrypted, you can click on "Click to Encrypt" and it will open up then Encryption action within Self Service. You will need to restart your computer to begin encryption. NOTE: Corporate Purchased Macs will come to you encrypted. Personal Macs need to be encrypted, if they are not already. FileVault 2 encryption, which is enabled via Self Service or through System Preferences, is the Mass General Brigham preferred form of Encryption. When you Encrypt through Self Service, Mass General Brigham escrows the FileVault key; if you lose it, open a ticket with the Service Desk to recover the key.

ForeScout Installation

Forescout SecureConnector is our Network Access Control (NAC) system at Mass General Brigham. It helps keep things like malware and viruses from spreading over the network, as well as making sure devices that come on the network are secure. For a Mac, this is done through the ForeScout SecureConnector application. If you don't have it installed, you can click "Click to Install" to open Self Service and download ForeScout. NOTE: ForeScout automatically installs on your Mac when you enroll in PEAS, regardless of whether your device is Corporate owned, or personally owned.

System Updates

Mass General Brigham follows Apple's recommendations, and supports up to two versions behind the latest version of macOS. For example, at the time of this writing, macOS 12 Monterrey is the latest version of macOS. Mass General Brigham and Apple will support macOS 13, 12 and 11. If you are running 10.15 or below, you should follow Apple's recommendations to upgrade your system HERE. If you wish to have assistance with this process, please open a ticket with the Service Desk. If your Mac does not have any OS updates, it will show you your current version. If updates are required, you can click on the "Click to Update" button, which will open System Preferences> Software Updates so that you can see which updates you need. To run updates, click the "Update Now" button when System Preferences> Software Updates opens.

NOTE:  If the automatic "Check for Updates" is not enabled in System Preferences, then the PEAS Menu will direct you to do so. While you don't have to turn on auto-updates, it is HIGHLY recommended that "Automatically Check For Updates" is enabled- that way you can at least see what's available, even if it's not the right time to update. This can be toggled with the Advanced button.


PEAS Enrollment

As of version 2.6.1, the PEAS Menu can check for problems with your enrollment. If a problem is detected, the PEAS Menu icon will turn Red. Mousing over the "Problem Found" error will show the "We've detected a problem with your PEAS enrollment, click this to open up Self Service to fix." Clicking that box to open Self Service for the fix.

When you click "Fix Me" Self Service will remove the files that are expired, and open up a browser window to re-enroll your device. Follow This Article if you need help re-enrolling.


The CrowdStrike section of the Menu shows you:

  • Falcon Sensor (Installed or not)
  • CrowdStrike Version (Version number, or not installed)
  • CrowdStrike AV (Is CrowdStrike AV installed or not)

LRS Secure Badge Printing

The LRS Secure Badge Printing section only shows up if you have installed the LRS Secure Print system onto your Mac. It tells you:

  • The current logged in user
  • If the LRS driver is installed

For more information on LRS Secure Badge Printing for Mac, click HERE


Register My Mac

If you've recently come into possession of your computer, you can register your Mass General Brigham username with your computer within PEAS. While this isn't mandatory, it is certainly recommended; if you have issues with your Mac and open a ticket, it makes it significantly easier to find it within PEAS.


Home Drive

Beginning in version 2.3, you can use the PEAS Menu to access your Home (H:) Drive. Mouse over the "Connect to H: Drive" and click "Connect"

NOTE: You must be connected to a Mass General Brigham computer network or on VPN to access your Home Drive.


Refresh Menu

An option that refreshes the PEAS Menu; this can be helpful if you've run some updates, and want to refresh the Menu.



If you would like to close the PEAS Menu, select Preferences and Quit. To reopen the PEAS Menu, you can log out and log back in of your Mac. Alternatively, you can Spotlight search, "BitBar" and that will reopen the Menu.


For troubleshooting information, click HERE 


Go to KB0036982 in the IS Service Desk

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