Data Science Office Enterprise Medical Imaging - Medical Imaging Data As A Service (MIDAS)


The Enterprise Medical Imaging team within the Data Science Office recently launched the Medical Imaging Data As A Service (MIDAS) that enables MGB investigators to obtain radiologic imaging studies for research purposes.

The Defined Exam Retrieval enables Mass General Brigham investigators to obtain radiologic imaging studies for research purposes. Researchers may request retrieval of large batches up to 1,000 imaging studies per request. Studies will be automatically retrieved from clinical imaging archives and stored in a temporary location that has security and access control based on IRB permissions. To use this service, the list of studies must contain three data elements for each study: the site where the study was performed; the site MRN; and, the accession number. There is an option for images to be de-identified if required for the research protocol. The de-identification process follows the DICOM standard for de-identification and replaces/removes/modifies PHI following a standard workflow. A key to the de-identification will be provided so that the study staff can identify the studies as needed. Estimated image retrieval time is 3-5 business days, once the PAS Group is created, however please note, customization requests may delay turnaround time.

ImageMover is a self-service tool that allows Mass General Brigham investigators to keep their dataset current by requesting a limited number of individual exams (small batches <200 exams) to be extracted and added to a project dedicated ERIS storage space. Should you require this service for pulling limited exams, please request ImageMover on your form.

Retrieval Process:

Step 1: Use the link to request a Personnel Authorization System (PAS) group for your research team. A PAS group is required for granting access to the directory where retrieved data will be temporarily stored. It ensures that only those members of your research group (per your approved IRB) will have access to your data. Please allow time for approval of your PAS request if you do not already have one. The same PAS group can be used for multiple requests if the group members are on the IRB protocol governing the request. 

Step 2: Complete the Medical Imaging Data As A Service (MIDAS) Request Form and prepare a .csv or .xls file (eg, Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet) of the imaging studies you want to retrieve with the following information for each study (3 columns, 1 row per study):

  • Patient Medical Record Number (MRN) from site where images were obtained; DFCI studies should use BWH MRNs
  • Accession Number (unique radiologic imaging study identifier)
  • Site where the images were obtained (e.g., BWH, DFCI, MGH)

To retrieve this information, you can use the RPDR Query Tool - Data Request Wizards. (RPDR Query Tool) from within the MGB Firewall. For detailed instruction click the document below.

Optional Step 2a: If De-Identification is required, this needs to be requested on the form.  The specifications for the DICOM fields that will be automatically de-identified is available at this link. If there are specific DICOM tags that should not be de-identified and maintaining that specific information is approved per the IRB protocol, please specify that on the form. 

Step 3: When the requested imaging studies are available, you will be notified via email with instructions for how to access the files. Files may be stored in the assigned location without cost for up to 180 days, after which the research team must move the files to their own permanent storage location.

Fee-for-service storage options may be found on the ERIS website.

For more information, please review the MIDAS Defined Exam Retrieval FAQs


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